Rain and Lee Da Hae’s “Marriage”

Graphics credit: Amber chinggu ^^

Yeah, right. My wish.

You know. I have ALWAYS ALWAYS longed for Da Hae to work with somebody BIG. Somebody like Lee Byung Heon, So Ji Sub…etc. It has always been a dream – until a few days ago, she decided to suck up to her boss, Rain! =P Well, this person is definitely somebody big. No freaken doubt about it.

As some of you might or might not know, Da Hae has officially signed up with J-Tunes, Rain’s self-established agency since February this year. As a fan of hers, I was ecstatic! She moved on from the EOE controversy, picked herself up, and made some decisions. And look where she is now? She’s with Rain!! HAR HAR HAR.

Since then, she has been on and off the media/press, going from shooting pictorials to filming MVs for singers…etc. Yeah, a bit random to some, but wth, at least she’s still working. Pretty fast a recovery by a person who had actually, virtually stunned everyone by leaving a HIT drama “EO-what again?” amidst its broadcast. All the hoopla, most Kdrama followers would know.

Anywayz, she has taken a step further – and will be venturing into modeling. She has agreed to participate in Rain’s upcoming Fashion Concert, which will be held in Hong Kong on the 6th of June 2009. Rain plays himself, the designer of the clothing under his self-created brand SixToFive, who will serenade and sing to his models (which includes Da Hae) whilst displaying and showcasing some of his latest designs on them.

I’m VERY VERY excited about this, and I really truly deeply hope it will succeed. I say this because ppl have been very apprehensive and disapproving of Da Hae lately, what with her plastic surgery issue, and her popularity decline…etc. She’s been in serious deprivation of appreciation in Korea lately (at least that’s what I think), and I feel kinda bad for her. Therefore, I’m hoping for more love from HK this time around? ^_^

Having said that, I’m totally buying all the stuff about Rain interacting with his models. Like one of my Soompi pals said, Da Hae should just totally invade Rain – with her bulging eyes! (I added that!HAH!)

And if that picture ever EVER happens in reality, I myself will probably be married to some ideal guy like Jun Sae in Brilliant Legacy by then. *I’m soooo hopeful*

Last but not least, Da Hae ya~~ HWAITING!!


2 thoughts on “Rain and Lee Da Hae’s “Marriage””

  1. Haha.. your blog is so funny! whilst reading i just can’t help but smile. Lee da hae is my favorite korean actress. I hope she’ll do more drama’s or a movie. I don’t particularly agree with her doing MV’s and fashion shows.

    She should do what she does best.

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