Alluring Lee Jung Jae


Isn’t Lee Jung Jae just a feast to the eyes?
Such a charming, charismatic and alluring man… <3333

Some more featured pics from ALLURE Magazine June 09


^Initially there was a lady sitting next to him on the table, but I decided to crop her out cos she was stealing Lee Jung Jae’s moment =P (but it’s not like he noticed her presence anyway..)


source: allure korea
credits: lovekoreastar

Decided to dedicate an entry to Lee Jung Jae because (1) these pictures are TOO HOT to be left aside; (2) his upcoming drama Triple is premiering in 2 weeks time (decided to promote him a bit hehehe) and (3) he’s MINE <33333

Haha, lame entry.

But the man’s ooozzzinggg hotness and charm out there, so he’s totally worth my attention, and hence deserves an entry! 😀

Lastly, I’m hoping he’d come back a blast in Triple. ^^


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