Partner “Wookie Galoreeee”

Thought I’d abandon my new blog once again. Have to admit that it did cross my mind at some point in time during the past 2 weeks. But oh wellz, let’s see how far I can go this time around..

I had intended to blog on Da Hae’s Rain Fashion Concert with Bi, but since there were countless blog entries on the concert (mostly on Bi tho ^^), I don’t think it’s worth much my time re-posting all those pictures again. You guys have probably had a glimspe of Da Hae’s boomquisha image (as quoted by one of my dearest pals Amber! :P)… wonder how that fared for you guys? I know I loved it. =P

Anywayz, hark back to my topic today.


As some of you might already know, Lee Dong Wook (once and still my fav co-star of Lee Da Hae, thanx to the My Girl fandom) has been cast in KBS new and upcoming law/legal drama “Partner”, whereby he will partner Korea’s favourite darling Kim Hyun Joo as lawyers in the same firm. Wookie plays an arrogant and money-loving lawyer whilst Kim Hyun Joo takes on the tough cookie ahjumma-lawyer role. They clash and fight off their differences, and in the proceess…. well, go figure, it’s Kdrama.

Aside from those already so perfect combo of LDW and KHJ, I’m also loving the rest of the cast ensemble. Choi Chul Ho (who was fantastic in Queen of Housewives), Kim Dong Wook (the quirky coffee prince in Coffee Prince), Lee Wong Jong (the ever so funny and hilarious ahjusshi), and hey, Ahn Sung Hwan (who played Gong Chan’s servant in MG and Lee Mong Ryong’s father in DCGH!). How can I not dig that? Honey Lee seems lovely and charming, but I’ll reserve judgment until I check out her acting skills. (Nowadays I try not to be so apprehensive of acting newbies… because I think they deserve a chance to prove themselves. *chokes for having doubted Min Hyo Rin in Triple before the drama even started. Now I love her character Haru to bittssss!*

Well, before I scoot off, let the pictures prove you Wookie’s HOTNESSSSS… <333









Awww…don’t you loveeee Wookie’s adorable poses?
It seems like he’s having loads of fun with Kim Hyun Joo? They look really good together btw…^^

Can’t wait for June 24th!


3 thoughts on “Partner “Wookie Galoreeee””

  1. Ha! Found you.

    June 24 is now circled in huge black marker on my calendar. The reason I’m really anticipating this because LDW’s last drama, LDV, despite all the good reviews, was just too depressing for me to watch.

    I too will reserve judgement on Lee Honey (I’m still hoping she changes her romanized name, it just sounds so…pornstar-ish) but this far, she has proven herself talented in quite a few areas, so at least I am more on the optimistic side than that side I was in when I heard of Min Hyorin. At least things are all good now, Min Hyorin’s doing well with Haru. She’s just so cute.

  2. 6 more days sister W0000T!!

    Trying not to set my expectations so high right now, as I fear I will be let down badly. Not that it will certainly flop.. but I have had a very bad experience with Bad Love and Cinderella Man (yeah, both starring KSW, one of my earlier K-crushes)…and the feeling sucked to the max.

    Talking about Haru, it’s time I blogged about Triple, and the 3 guys, and of course, Haru herself. Might need to sort out my thoughts beforehand…

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