The world today?

Something is seriously wrong with the world today (nowadays)..

Just when I thought we’re venturing toward a better and brighter future, it has recently dawned on me that we’re in fact still plagued by so many deplorable uncertainties. The financial downturn, the dwindling morale in our society, the attack of the A (H1N1) virus, the rising political upheaval and uproar in some many countries out there , and even most recently, the shocking death of Micheal Jackson, our very own legend of pop! Nothing seems to be right nowadays? Maybe it has always been like this, it’s just that I never bothered to ponder beyond just glancing thru the headlines in the newspapers everyday. As usual, superficial I am.

The one thing which bothered me the most – the phenomena of ppl going to various extremes just to find a way out of poverty nowadays. I know many are suffering because of the economic downturn. High-paid salary employees deprived of promotions. Fresh graduates facing difficulties in seeking a new job. Retrenchment. Reduction of salary. It all sounds upsetting and devastating. However, what’s worst is that some ppl (those who are desperate) are now taking it to the extreme. And what I mean by “the extreme” is that, rather than work thru the hard way by starting all over again, they steal, rob and burgle… and by any means, do it in broad daylight!!! O_0

Just a few months before, a friend’s of my mom’s friend received a phone call from a stranger, telling her that he had her daughter in his hands, threatening her that he would harm the girl if she didn’t prepare a sum of money in return for her safety. The lady was stunned and shocked, having heard screams over the phone asking for help. She tried to call her daughter’s cell phone, but nobody answered. Everyone panicked, and her husband was already on the way to the ATM to get the money…UNTIL FINALLY, they managed to get thru to their daughter half an hour later. They found out that she was safe and sound in her university campus, and had left her phone in silent mode.

It turned out that the person who had called was trying to fool the lady into believing that her daughter was kidnapped (via the recorded screams over the phone). Their objective – to get money without having to move a foot. Pretty smart huh? If they manage to fool the so called muggles out there, then BINGO. If they fail to do so, they’d still run away unscathed because the phone they’d used to call  would have been disposed off easily. All they have to do is convince and threaten. For all they know, we would definitely buy anything they say. Life’s in danger, who would bother to think? You would even forget the local police’s number right there and then!

Later that month, the news headlined that the local police had in fact received more than 10 reports of such culprits trying to con ppl off money over the phone. But this did nothing to deter the “syndicate” from going on. Months later, just 2 weeks before, a neighbor of my mom’s friend encountered the very same thing! So many months after, and it is still happening!Are the police doing anything? Or is it because the culprits are just too smart?

And just when I thought nothing could be worst, just a few days ago, 2 men robbed a girl off her car in broad daylight. Just 5 minutes away from where I live. It might not seem strange to many, but to me, it gave me chills. Cos just 2 months before, 2 men robbed a lady off cash by holding her 2 sons at knife point. That happened around 1.30 pm, outside a sushi restaurant just nearby my house. The exact same thing happened to this girl a few days ago. She had parked her car near a playground and left to speak with a friend who lived in the neighborhood. She noticed two men following her and quickly rushed back to her car. But before she could get in, they jammed her door with a meat clover. They threatened her, took all the cash she had, took her car and sped away. Fortunately the girl was unharmed, and was spared the worst.  All of this, imagine,  occured in a residential area, with cars passing by every minute and then, around 1.30pm (again!). Broad daylight, for goodness sakes. How desperate they must have been.

Frankly speaking, such things happen everyday, now and then. It’s like a social ill, slowly deepening and rooting itself in the society nowadays. It’s so common that it’s  like nobody really cares anymore. The perpetrators of such crimes really take no heed of their conscience and are willing to go so far just to rip people off their money. IMO, they’re no better than those who actually inflict harm on their victims… they make us of our human weaknesses, rip money off people, and get away unharmed, just like that. And they’re still out there, doing the exact same thing to others out there. Pathetic. Sad. I feel sorry for them.

Days, weeks and months have passed. I’m not sure how I feel about our local police dealing with this. But I do truly hope that they will do something.

Lastly, be careful guys. Our world isn’t safe anymore.


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