Dearest Da Hae~

Free Your Spirit Wide


I know you are sad, I know you are mad.

But life is like that, no less than a drab.

Words have been spoken.

None can turn back.

Take a step backward, and see what you lack.

Look beyond the horizon, tell me what you see.

The world and humans alike, nothing is a glee.

Bruises and wounds, are parcels of life.

Scratch them open, you will see strife.

Everything goes, and comes back to zero.

So why should you fret, worry all solo?

Open up your heart, and free your spirit wide.

Slowly you will see, life is a stride.

Look around closer, fans and friends alike.

Fear no other, for you we’ll be on strike.

So smile, laugh and comeback in sight.

For we will be waiting, a cherry delight.

Da Hae ya~ Da Hae ya~ listen with might,

here we are, always, forever your knight.




2 thoughts on “Dearest Da Hae~”

  1. I really miss Lee Dahae on screen you know. I tried watching Robbers and EOE, but just couldn’t get into it. I hope LDH gets that drama with KRW!

    1. Those dramas are not for regular Kdrama watchers for sure.
      I hope she gets that drama too, but competition is tough..

      If not Strange Heroes would be good too..haha.. a reunion of Jun Ki and Da Hae..

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