What does everything else matter?


When I believe you.


When I like you.


When I want you.


Did that melt your heart?

Did that make your tummy flutter like crazy?

Did that make you want Seung Gi (or Hwan) more than ever?

If your answer is in the affirmative, then join the club!  You’re a certified Hwan-Sung lover/ BL addict.

If your answer is nay, then you should, most definitely, MUST!  watch this:-

Video credits: christiecml2

The clip tells it all <333


3 thoughts on “What does everything else matter?”

  1. sigh, that was totally the highlight of this week! i’m just so so on episode 22, after coming down from the euphoria of ep 21. ep 22 is more of a plot episode, the story is running and any future twists will be triggered. i wish we have more hwansung goodness tho..

  2. that was so awesome i watched that about 30 times i think. I’ve been waiting so long for this scene and finally it is here. i love both of them so much hope there will be more of such romantic scenes ! looking so damn forward to ep22 !

  3. Haha, we’re all crazy BL addicts. ^^
    I was thinking to write a BUNCH on that scene, but decided to keep it short for the sake of not killing you guys with the same old ranting all over again. Check the Soompi thread for more of those crazy rantings..and ya’ll know..hehehe..

    Ep 22 was equally good I thought.
    Ep 21 was the highlight of HwanSung.
    Ep 22 was the highlight of Hwan-Sung-JS-SM.

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