Seductress Shin Min Ah in ELLE

This is super random, but I happened to come across Shin Min Ah’s recent feature spread for ELLE, and was just uber enamored by how gorgeous and sexy she looked. If I were to choose the best K-actress/model out there, it’s gonna be this chic. Definitely.

She just pwns. E-V-E-R-Y single photoshoot she’s in, she’ll just rawk em.





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4 thoughts on “Seductress Shin Min Ah in ELLE”

  1. Hi Ripgal, how’s work? Hope you are fine in the hot whether nowadays in our country.

    Well, I love Shin Mina and her acting and I agreed how sexy and charismatic she was in these pictures. But I preferred YEH when its come’s to modelling, I guess. Nevertheless, these pictures rocks. To add the fact she is FIRST ever Korean actress that was picked personally by CK to be pair with CK model is impressive enough, isn’t it? In Italy to add the flavor! What an accomplishemnt!^^

  2. Hi anastassia,

    Nice to have a regular reader here…hehehe..

    Well, I’m fine. Work’s been pretty much the same. Mundane and routine. But still trying to cope with it.

    The weather on the other hand, is killing me! Gosh, I really think something is wrong with the climate or something.. it’s been a year since I came back from the UK, and the weather difference is just like heaven and earth. Malaysia has never been this hot man.

    Oh, I like YEH too. She definitely draws attention in her CFs and Ads. I dun recall ever not liking any of her CFs and Ads I’ve seen of her. She has everything. Great bod, charming smile..what’s not to like about her? hehehe..

    But SMA has this very special charm that I really dig about her. And yes, so young and so accomplished.. and she’s like only a year older than me..T.T

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