Lee Da Hae confirmed to be in Chuno *YESSSSSS*


Well you guys know how much I love Da Hae *no joke ya?*

So the much awaited news has finally come today, and I’m really jumping for joy right now! =D

Courtesy of o-cha (thanx dear chinggu) from Soompi


Lee Da Hae ‘Chuno’ Comeback! “Triangle Relationship With Oh Ji Ho and Jang Hyuk”

Lee Da Hae’s shocking casting as the female lead Hye Won in ‘Chuno’.

Lee Da Hae joined Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho for the full scale start of the KBS special drama ‘Chuno’ (director: Kwak Jung Hwan/ writer: Chun Sung Il). The collaboration of Chun Sung Il (the writer of Grade 7 Public Servant and Once Upon A Time) and PD Kwak Jung Hwan of Conspiracy In The Court is attracting a lot of attention.

Set in the Joseon period in ‘Chuno’ Lee Da Hae will play Hye Won who is originally a slave but hid her identity as she lives her new life in a noble’s house. As Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk) and Tae Ha (Oh Ji Ho) are in pursuit fate brought Hye Won to receive the love of the two men.

Furthermore Hye Won is someone who is both elegant and clear minded. She will play an important role in the dramatic scenario.

Hye Won is a lead role with a strong persona. The ‘Chuno’ production team believes that Lee Da Hae is the most suitable for the gentle yet strong Hye Won.

After reading the scenario for ‘Chuno’, the unique and solid storyline made Lee Da Hae decide to take the role of Hye Won.

Lee Da Hae cut her long hair that she’s had for a long time into a short bob for ‘Chuno’. She’s preparing to show a different transformation.

Lee Da Hae has shown herself as a promising actress in <Flower Fairy King>, <My Girl>, <Hello!Miss>, <Robbers>, <East of Eden>. All this time she’s shown a bright energetic image. She plans on revealing a new side of her for her comeback in <Chuno> as someone with hidden identity and a woman in painful love.

On the other hand <Chuno> will try to present the audience with a grand scale production with its unique subject matter never attempted before, gorgeous action, and sense tingling scenes/clips.

credits: http://ent.jknews.co.kr/article/news/20090826/7815037.htm


I’m so happy and excited for many many reasons:

  • Da Hae’s comeback drama after her disastrous stunt in EOE.
  • Da Hae’s first ever lead role in a SAGEUK.
  • Da Hae to play a lowly servant and a noble lady – a dual role.
  • Da Hae to chop off her long and silky locks and is to sport a bob cut.
  • Da Hae to work with so many hunkilicious and yummilicious men (eg. Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Jong Hyuk, Kim Ji Suk, Danny Ahn…etc)
  • And the most important thing of ALL, Da Hae to work with PD Kwak Jung Hwan, the master who brought to us the wonderful 2007 hit drama Conspiracy in the Court!!

I really can’t ask for more..

Da Hae will start filming in September…and you know how excited I am – hehe….


3 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae confirmed to be in Chuno *YESSSSSS*”

  1. Hi,

    Me too, I’m so thrilled with happiness to know that our Da Hae will be co-op with Jang Hyuk again(they are very matched in Robber, right? since I’ve read in some news that she’is in or out, not decided yet.
    Additional, I love to see her in ancient style, ah what you said, with a short bob. Surely she will be very pretty.

    Kunbumwa for giiving us the good news!

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