A Price to Pay…

…for being a celebrity/artist in Korea.


You see, I never thought I would blog about this in here. Granted that I pay lesser attention to K-Pop compared to its counterparts (K-drama/K-Film), it’s quite shocking to find myself sitting here doing this.  But geez, this issue really needs to be vocalized and addressed properly. o_O It’s really getting WAY WAY WAY out of hand.

I’m sure we’re all aware of how “capable” and “powerful” Korean Netizens are. It’s almost a norm and trend in Korea nowadays that any other Korean celebrity (whether born and bred locally or not, as long as they’re on Korean ground) out there is subject to what we call “magnified scrutiny” by their own netizens. They dig deep,  pick deep, and scrutinize deep.  Their very own celebrities are literally under the mercy of their hands. And it’s inevitable if you’re a popular one out there. There is no escape.

And now, they have driven away yet another one of their own. Park Jae Beom/Jay,  (charismatic) leader of JYP’s popular boy group 2PM has quit the group today after a week-long controversy surrounding a trivial comment he made 4 years ago before his debut (when he was a kid). Another one destroyed. T.T

I don’t know much about 2PM. Nor do I crave or dig their music. But I’ve seen clips and shows with them and  they’re all very charming and charismatic in their own ways, in particular Jae Beom. But point aside, I’m not sad or down because I love them and Jay’s left and all (tho it still hasn’t sunk in that he’s left Korea for good.. >.<). Instead it’s the sense of travesty and injustice I feel for him. For him to be treated like trash just because he expressed an opinion . For him  to be lashed out and scrutinized because he wanted to be home with his family and friends.  And to add salt to injury, it even went as far as to netizens petitioning to have him to commit suicide! (Come on! WTF is this???)

Yes, he’s a celebrity. Yes he has responsibilities to maintain a good image in front of the wide public. Yes, he’s  Jay. But people always seem to forget, human is what he is. Strip that outer layer off his body and he’s a normal person who goes thru the same emotions we go thru every single day. Was there the need to take everything to such an extreme?

I think this whole phenomenon is getting more and more ridiculous. It’s nothing new that celebrities are under the mercy of the media, their fans, the antis and whatnot. But that’s not what’s bugging me, as it’s the price they have to pay for being celebrities. Instead it’s the overwhelming responses of such people to the tiniest, slightest and the most unnoticed blemishes that the celebrities of their own have (we all have imperfections no?). No wonder people always say that the Netizens control everything. They can glorify and bring their idols up to the top, and when something happens, BAM, they can bring them down and scath them to the core. And when something bad happens (eg. suicide), there’s no turning back. The milk has been spilt.

So many celebrities in Korea have succumbed to this trend which has long plagued the Korean entertainment industry. Not only do they have to cope with the ever-increasing pressure and expectations from their fans (and their antis), their schedules are so tight and energy consuming. Especially for young girl and boy groups, they barely have enough sleep. And yet they don’t eat (because they don’t have the time), rush here and there for performances and all…etc. How exactly can they have a life of their own? They don’t. So why do the Netizens want so much from them? And what do they exactly want?

I’m not Korean. So I really do not know whether this is away of life or culture over there. Not trying to generalize every single Korean out there, but it’s true that this particular group of Korean netizens are a group not to be messed with or tampered with. With a click of a mouse, you’ll get bagillions of negative comments ushering you to get a face change, die or whatnot. They can paint you a beautiful picture, and at the same time, they can blemish and scar you until you lose everything. Some may take it easy, but if things come in a bulk, in 3000 bashing comments for example, it will be cumbersome. It will drain your mental, exhaust your energy, affect your MIND. And lastly, it may cause you your life.

I wonder if the Korean government or the relevant authorities have taken measures to curb this serious problem. It’s not just a simple matter of 1 or 2 celebrities being treated this way, but with almost every single Korean celebrity out there. Sure, freedom of expression and personal preference should be allowed at all cost. But shouldn’t moderation come into mind? Shouldn’t one be criticized without being bashed? Shouldn’t one be given a chance?

Having said that, I hope something can be done about this. I love Korean entertainment A LOT. So I really don’t want to see it go down the drain.

Remember. It’s not easy to forgive and to forget. But it’s more difficult to be forgiven.

Give those people (Korean celebrities) a chance.


Before I leave, check out the happier and cuter times of Jae Beom..

This was when he had me in fits.. a total charmer he was..

credits: anneth021/ soshisubs2


One thought on “A Price to Pay…”

  1. wow..I never think that Korean stars have to pay that much! I’m not Korean either and I can’t imagine live like that, you’re absolutely right, Korean stars are just human being like us, they may made mistakes. I think netizens should give the stars a chance. Great post, thank’s

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