Who is “Amber”?

So I was bored the past few days. Was on Soompi doing the mundane process of checking thru the Kdrama threads, K-Celeb Picture threads…etc (a routine that I go thru every single time I log on to Soompi) . And I  stumbled across this thread called Official Amber Thread” .

Nothing strange about that right?

But I was hecka curious – who was this “Amber”?

Doesn’t sound Korean to me. Doesn’t even sound like a singer or actress to me.

And for her thread to have amassed over 1000+ replies in just 3 weeks, she must be SOMEONE.


So I clicked away, and I found this:-



My initial reaction was, “HWATTTTTT????”

“Amber’s a boy??”

Okay, pun intended.(*no offence to Amber lovers or fans here, if there are any*)

Then I read that she was part of a girl group called f(x).  I have heard of f (x) before, but I never bothered to check or discover further. My first thought upon reading about this new SM girl group was that they’re gonna be the second coming of SNSD, Kara, 4Minutes and 2NE1. No big deal.  They’re just gonna be one of them out there.

So I checked out Amber’s thread. And I was surprised to discover that she has SO MANY fans. As you can see for yourself up there, Amber’s a tomboy. If you look further and deeper into her thread, you will discover that she has always been a tomboy, and is not merely sporting the style as a concept or theme for f(x)’s debut album. So when I read about her girl fans going like, “She’s soooooo pretty” or “She’s so cute” or “She’s so handsome” or “She makes me doubt my gender” or “I love her and I’m straight”, it felt soooo strange and peculiar (don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m straight too! haha.. :P). Why were people going crazy over Amber?

So after thinking about it for a while, and understanding a lil bit of how and where Amber came from being an ordinary girl to become a member of f(x), I kinda see the whole picture.

People see Amber as a fresh face to the already so typecast Korean music industry (with female groups and singers either going with the cute or sexy route to pull of their gigs). She can be considered as one of the very few with the all around tomboy style which really entrenches within and is not merely just a concept. Amber is Taiwanese-American and can speak 3 languages (Mandarin, English and Korean), a trait which makes her easier to reach out because people can understand her. Amber has only learned Korean for a year and is able to speak the language just like a Korean.  And to add to that, Amber is the rapper in the group. Amber is devoted to God, and literally lives for him. Amber is…. Amber is….Everything is about Amber Amber Amber.


So, just so that you can know more about this girl, Amber. Check out f(x)’s debut song/MV: – La chA TA

credits: sment @ youtube


So there goes my short rant on this new girl I’ve discovered. Can’t say I’m a fan or anything. But I have to say her image really intrigues me.

Would totally love to see how she’d look like if she dresses up more femininely. Something that we will have to wait and see I guess….

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Who is “Amber”?”

  1. LOL, it’s kinda…weird. He looks so much like a dude. If you had said she was a boy, I would have believed you without question.

    BTW, don’t you think that one the members of Fx looks A LOT like Park Boyoung. I thought it was really her at first.

    Out of the gazillion girlgroups out there, I gotta say that I actually did warm up to 2NE1. The uber multicoloured clothing still hurt my eyes, but I do like the songs on their mini album. It’s quite refreshing and easy to listen to. Any girl group for you?

    1. You know apart from Amber, I think the rest of the f(x) members all look alike. I don’t even remember their looks…aikz.

      Not so much of a girl group person. Apart from the exceptional hit songs that I remember from SNSD, Kara, 4Minutes, 2NE1… they generally just don’t interest me, no matter how different or unique they are. But I do think 2NE1 are unique and cool… they rock the techno stuff real good.

      Btw, do you notice that nowadays the girl groups all try to invent like innovative and fresh dance techniques to get our attention? I think ever since Wondergirls, all girl groups now have their own signature dance choreos (in their respective songs)… the most recent that I remember of is Jewelry’s fishy wave dance in their new song Variety… 😛

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