Severely Lee Byung Hun – Struck


Okay, super random post. But because Lee Byung Hun has been invading my mind 24/7 these days (sick I know!), I just have to let it out!

“Can I have this man (oops.. no, sexy beast to be specific) for one night? YES, one night!”


Needless to say, I’m sure EVERYONE knows who Lee Byung Hun is.  Remember the suave and charming playboy in Beautiful Days  (co-starring Choi Ji Woo)? The ever so sensual and sensitive In Ha in All In? Or if not, maybe Storm Shadow in the recent action flick G.I. Joe would ring a bell?

Well, I don’t really care if anybody knows. Cos all I know is that this MAN is DIVINE. Everything from his looks (I don’t mind that he’s short, cos he’s got a sexy and alluring BODY to DIE FOR!), to his acting, personality, charisma…*insert whatever you can think of, cos all I can think of is his “everything” * just spell one word = S.E.X.Y.

You know very well I dote on a A LOT of Korean actors… If you read another recent entry of mine, I did rave about how I liked Im Joo Hwan in Tamra, The Island.  But sadly, that one lasted a bit short (tho I still like him A LOT in the drama)… this I have to thank Dramabeans and LBH for. If not for that particular entry of DB on LBH in IRIS (and the overwhelming gushing and swoonings on LBH in her recent Open Thread), I wouldn’t have discovered the wonder sand amazing-ness of this actor. An actor that I’ve known for 10 years but have yet to discover in a deeper sense.

And knowing how easy I can be influenced by constant gushing and swoonings on HOT guys, I decided to check out a little more on LBH. I say a little more because I was initially just curious (My exposure to LBH can be described as scarce as I’ve only seen All In and The Good The Bad and the Weird, that’s all. I know he’s a very good actor and he’s hot. And that’s about it.) and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t fall into the craze, fandom or whatever. After all, what can an ahjusshi to do me now, when he could have done so 10 years ago and DID NOT?

And actually, these 2 clips did it for me. Hehe..

One of LBH being interviewed and answering his questions in English (yes, English). And the other, of him being all cute and funny. 😛

So, he’s already a HOT and SEXY actor with superb acting skills to start with. With that deep voice of his, I now realise and see why people love him so much. Charming and charismatic, what’s not to like about this guy?

Well, there is always a reverse side to everything. I admit I’ve come across several negative articles and write-ups on LBH in the past, in which actually did not side well with me. But now when I think about it, it’s not like I’m in his shoes or that I know him personally. What I know of him is just confined to what I see on my TV/youtube… and which I’m smart enough to know that it’s not all true (what is on TV anyway?). So given that, what right have I to judge him right?

As long as he keeps on going with that charm (and sexiness!) of his, I’m all good!

My offer is still OPEN! haha…


Here’s a HUGE thanx to those regular Hoon-ers who flood DB’s Open Thread/s with so many LBH goodies. I’m forever thankful and grateful! <333


6 thoughts on “Severely Lee Byung Hun – Struck”

  1. You know, I don’t mind Lee Byunghun or anything, but seriously, I fail to see that HOTASS! factor about him. He’s got charisma and seems to be a great actor, but it’s weird because I just don’t get attracted to him. Kekeke, more for you I guess..

    BTW, after watching All About Eve, I got excited for Iris. Kim Soyeon rawwwkkksss! I can already see the blazing hot chemistry between her and LBH. If only KTH would be replaced, say by Han Jimin or at least Nam Sangmi or something..

    1. Each to its own I guess. hehehe… 😛
      Think it’s got to do with his eyes? The way he gazes or looks at ppl?

      Or maybe I’m just more attracted to ahjusshis…

      Actually Son Yeh Jin was originally cast as KTH’s character. Everyone was jumping for joy and cheering because SYJ’s such an amazing actress to start with. To pair her up with LBH was like a gift. But the collab fizzled out and KTH came in instead.. Disappointing, but still, we have to live with it.

  2. OMG, I didn’t know it was supposed to be Son Yejin. Dang, how awesome it would’ve been if it was her. But KTH’s fine, at least now I can blatantly support 2nd female instead.

  3. oh..tell me about it…i used to wonder why there are fanatic fans crazy over their idols…after watching the Beautiful days,All in…i realized i n so in love w byung hun..

  4. Alright, admitted! Lee Byunghoon is one hotass. I just saw his interview with CNN and I really like how he has this easy confidence that is really compelling. He’s charismatic to boot when acting so I was surprised to see that LBH in real life is so easygoing.

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