IRIS MV – 잊지 말아요 “Don’t Forget” by Baek Ji Young


So IRIS just premiered yesterday with a BLAST. Heard ratings were great, and reviews were mostly positive. Have not seen the episodes yet, so I have nothing to much to offer or rant about…. (Yes, this post is actually just an excuse for me to rant on *sexyhot* LBH – I admit that!) BUT – I do have this IRIS tid-bit to share with you guys.

IRIS First official MV featuring Baek Ji Young’s Don’t Forget.

I know not many think highly of Kim Tae Hee as an actress, but from the MV itself, it’s safe to say that she’s doing a pretty decent job. No big bulging eyes. No screaming or shouting scenes yet. And plus – she looks MIGHTY HOT and SEXY with LBH (altho most of the sexiness and hotness came from LBH’s everything!). So it’s all good.

credits: u22u22u22


3 things I liked about the MV.

1) The song –  Baek Ji Young’s voice is HEAVEN.

2) Every single scene and close-up with LBH! (And yes, the kisses, hot abs too…)

3) The sad love story.


What about you?

Did you like it?


One thought on “IRIS MV – 잊지 말아요 “Don’t Forget” by Baek Ji Young”

  1. thanks for posting something about iris….. watching the mv and listening to the song, it does something to me i can’t explain… the song makes my heart ache…. i am waiting for the series to finish with subs before watching… i can’t stand to wait each week waiting for the series to unfold… it would be too much for my weak heart to endure…..

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