Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ji Ah’s “Love Is Blind”



Kang Ji Hwan back on the big screen for the 3rd time this year!

After his successful feat in Rough Cut and 7th Grade Civil Servant, he’s now rolling on his movie stints in another upcoming tele-cinema project with Lee Ji Ah, titled Love Is Blind. You guys  most probably would have seen/heard lots about this movie from dramabeans (she apparently owns Kang Ji Hwan), but I guess some more of him (here) won’t harm? Cos everyone loves KJH no? hehehe..

A newly released trailer of the movie here: –

I have to admit, the trailer spells CHEESY and CLICHE all over.  But it’s KJH we’re talking about here… and nobody can say NO to KJH, right?

Hopefully this movie will do better than 7th Grade Civil Servant, which really… altho it had my fav KJH and KHN, BORED me to death. Would never re-watch that movie for a million dollars or anything. It really was THAT BAD!

KJH deserves better… and this one better make it for him.

HWAITING Ji Hwan ssi!


3 thoughts on “Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ji Ah’s “Love Is Blind””

  1. Aww, I thought Level 7 was pretty entertaining. Could have been better, but it was a pretty good filler for uneventful Sunday afternoon.

    But Lee Jiah…sigh, she just rubs me the wrong way. I want to like her but I can’t stand watching her. I wish she would be in a role where she can act normal.

    1. Yeap, A LOT of ppl loved 7th Grade, but it just didn’t click with me. Weird. Maybe I was too tired or something..

      And you’re right about Lee Ji Ah… I wish I can like her in this one. It’s really weird how she could do so well in Legend and yet flop in the rest.. hmmm…

      But that aside, this is one I’m watching purely for KANG JI HWAN only! <333

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