Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Da Hae dating?


When I read about this news this morning…


It’s something worth HYPER-ing for me because I love both KJH and LDH a lot. Seriously – no joke there.  I used to rant, rave and ramble about how I’d love to see KJH pair up with LDH in a drama, visualize how they’d fall in love in the story, fantasize about how lovely their relationship would be, how cute their babies would be….etc.  And HOLA, this happened today!

KJH and LDH were reported to be dating after having been spotted returning to Korea from a Thailand trip at the same time a few days ago. Of course (as usual), their respective managements came out to deny the whole thing and clarified that both had actually met in coincidence while being at the same place at the same time.  A whole CHUNK of news and articles came out today, and whilst some said that KJH and LDH had met in the plane and became friends (whilst throwing each other affectionate glances), some mentioned that they had in fact gotten to know each other thru common friends in the industry and just so happened to bump into each other in Thailand.

I personally do not know which is true, which is false… but one thing I do know ~ THEY’RE A FREAKING GOOD LOOKING PAIR!!!

I know I should shuddup and I know very well that I’m being very biased about this whole thing (since I love them both). But I do not remember having being this excited ever since my crazy fandom over LDW-LDH…  AND it’s Kang Ji Hwan and my fav fav Lee Da Hae we’re talking about here! No joke… and even if it is, I’d want more than anything for it not to be one! =P


Okay..okay…. I’m calmer right now.

I figured out that I’d be content with them just being friends. Da Hae has a tendency to be-friend guys easier than girls so it’s not strange that they’d become close. And since she has lived overseas for quite some time… her open-ness and friendliness with guys might be a tad different compared to what we always see on Korean TV.  So I guess KJH’s just one of her many many guy celebrity friends out there… (Don’t forget she’s also friends with her boss Bi! hehehehe..)

But if something fishy is REALLY going on between them, they have my FULLEST SUPPORT! <333


6 thoughts on “Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Da Hae dating?”

  1. What a day to stumbled upon two bombshells in a row. First is Dong Gun/So Young pair and now is this freaking good looking pair! What is this celebrity dating spree about? They will have my full support only if they promise to get marry and make gorgeous cute little babies, ha ha ha!

    1. You’re so right there. This year is definitely the romance year for celebrities. Everyone’s coming out to spill the beans!

      I’m already imagining how their babies would look like! haha..

  2. Kang Ji Hwan’s side cleared that he met up with her. so whatever… they’re friends, good friends enough to meet up with each other. stop his asia tour and go in the same plane later on.

    because yeah… too many coincidence? UHUH. KJH said he CALLED her and checked where she was at. When she told him Thailand… he met up with her. end of storay.

    i like what i’m smelling. heeeee.

    1. Awww.. KJH called uri Da Hae? Really?

      Again, I can’t stop myself from reading too much into this. I know I shouldn’t, I know I should be sane. But damn, it’s getting worst. >.<

      And it's weird about how Da Hae's responding to this. When her rumor with Eru broke out, her response was really aggressive. But it seems like she's not taking too much action this time? Or maybe the fortune teller told her that she should keep her calm this time and not be too emotional?

  3. HAHAHA, i like also lee da hae and eru there also cute couple.How i wish, these are the tandem couple that i want to pair to lee da hae!
    1- LEE DA HAE & ERU
    2- LEE DA HAE & BI

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