Kang Dong Won in “W” Korea

YAY! Pretty boy Kang Dong Won is back!

credits:  W Korea/ lovekoreastar


Isn’t Kang Dong Won just so doll-like pretty?If only I could have half his prettiness, my life would be so much more easier (true, the world is that judgmental and superficial I tell you!).  T__T

KDW looks great as ever, and his eyes really draw me in like nothing. But I wish he could gain some pounds because he’s  like getting skinnier and skinnier the more I see of him. ><  Sometimes when I see him, I think of a skeleton (no offence to KDW fans). And that’s certainly not a good thing. Chew down more food, and get back to your healthier self Oppa!

Before I scoot, here’s Jeon Woo Chi’s latest trailer…

credits: okchicago


It looks like we’re gonna be in for a FUN RIDE… with KDW, Im Soo Jung and Kim Yeon Seok all looking so freaking bad-ass in the trailer.  Definitely a movie SO NOT to be MISSED!

December 2009 can’t come soon enough!


2 thoughts on “Kang Dong Won in “W” Korea”

  1. LOL, I totally second that cry for half of KDW’s prettiness.

    I can’t wait for JWC, I’m trying to not get my hopes up (the movie reminds me a bit of the Japanese movie K-20), but the trailer looks fantabulous!

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