Was it worth A Million $?

With such a striking cast comprising Lee Min Ki, Park Hae Il, Lee Cheon Hee, Shin Min Ah, Jung Yoo Mi, Park Hee Seon…etc (all major and A/B-list stars!), surely this cannot be disappointing right? Altho I know very well that hype and  big names cannot guarantee and sustain the quality of a show, but just LOOK at the list of actors involved, and you and I know very well that we’re in for some good stuff. If not the story, the acting surely MUST BE ABLE to speak for itself, no?

Okay, I’m sure some of you would have known, or would have guessed from the poster above, that this movie is something like Survivor – which portrays contestants battling each other out to get the prized money of 1 Million $ (US). The concept is well known, but never before shown on Korean cinema.  That’s why I was looking forward to watching this movie in the first place. Apart from my crush on the guys (goodness, they cannot get any any more attractive in here! Lee Cheon Hee should be up there in the poster too!), I was really interested in seeing Korean cinema tackle such a fresh/more reality-show-type concept.

So… by not spoiling the movie for you all, I’d say this movie was pretty decent, bordering between average and good. The concept is no doubt a regurgitation of Survivor (a given actually), but incorporated with more elements of surprises and twists. Watching it reminded me of Battle Royale (the famous Japanese kill-or-die for the $ show), albeit the Korean version entrenched with deeper insights into the mental and thinking of the contestants.

I liked how the movie probed into the competitiveness and rivalry between the contestants (tho a bit predictable, obviously due to having seen too much of reality tv shows hehe…), and how it showed that greed and desperation to survive can just be a fine line apart.   The direction was pretty on spot – and the acting fairly engaging and good thru out.

But that isn’t to say that the movie was truly realistic at all means.  In spite of the good points, I still felt that something was missing. Whilst I appreciated how the director tried to highlight the different kinds of emotions going thru each contestants when faced with different situations, I failed to feel the impact and punch I had expected the competition to bring about.

Yes, the thrill and excitement was there, but there’s that “X” factor missing which actually made it a lot less than what I would call a quality movie.

But if you want a movie capable of whetting your curiosity… and a movie with hot and sizzling men, this is IT!

Last but not least, if I were to rate this movie out of a 10 point system, I’d probably give it a 7. 🙂

And maybe another 0.5 for the guys in there! haha~~

So before I leave, here you go… your 1 Million ride!

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credits: iheartdbsj


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