A peek into a day of Lee Da Hae’s life…

Doesn’t Da Hae just look adorable in that traditional wedding dress? She’s supposed to play the sad and desolated bride who runs away during her wedding night in Chuno (upcoming sageuk starring Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Jong Hyuk..etc and scheduled to air in Jan 2010)… but look again, she doesn’t seem too glum, does she? hehehe..

Anyway, she’s updated her Cyworld recently… and you can’t imagine how her Chinese fans are going wild and crazy over this right now.

She has posted in her Cyworld, her first ever hand-written message – in CHINESE!

Fans of hers are well aware that she has been taking Chinese (Mandarin) lessons all this while, but we never knew she’d put THAT MUCH effort into learning the language.  From speaking the language , to writing in Han Yu Pin Yin,  now she’s able to write in Chinese characters! 😀  *CLAPS CLAPS*

Here are 2 photos of her diary note which she’d posted in her Cyworld along with the picture above… For those who can read Chinese, take a closer look at her writing style and her mistakes. Haha.. so CUTEEEEE!!!

credits: Da Hae’s Cyworld


A rough translation on what she’d written: –

23rd November 2009

I don’t have to film anything from this Friday till next Saturday, so I may be able to get some rest.
I think the filming schedule for this drama (Chuno) isn’t that hectic and tight, so I’m still able to take English and Mandarin lessons in between my breaks.
In my previous dramas, the filming schedules were so tight that I had to work almost everyday. Because of that, not only did I miss out on my lessons, I also didn’t even have time to see my mother.
Compared to before, I feel more relaxed and free right now. I’m so lucky!

I woke up at 2am this morning. Because I had to film a scene in Tae An at 6am, I had no other choice but to wake up this early.
I looked outside the window. It wasn’t a fine day because it had rained previously. So I called my manager and asked him whether we were able to film the scenes. My manager told me that the director had told him that not only did it not rain, the weather was fine and shiny in Tae An.”

Sooooo cute!

Now Da Hae has no language barriers with her Chinese and English speaking fans anymore!



4 thoughts on “A peek into a day of Lee Da Hae’s life…”

  1. Thanks for giving us more information on Dahae, she’s so cute and smart at the same time-not easy to write chinese character, and she’s just learning it as part time study.

  2. hi, lee da hae is a smart actress,beautiful,and almost perfect..we will support her and let’s pray for her chuno drama and hope her drama will received more lots of attention and give high ratings..GOOD LUCK LEE DA HAE, FIGHTING!

  3. I impressed so much on her english speaking videos. I love it to bits that I search for everything related to her speaking english. She indeed is talented and beautiful lady.

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