Sworn Brothers Official Stills [Plus Teaser Trailer]

Kang Dong Won + Song Kang Ho + Jang Hoon (Director of Rough Cut fame) = WIN!

Don’t you just love the intensity in Song Kang Ho and Kang Dong Won’s eyes? Two of Korea’s most talented actors coming together in a movie… I really don’t know if there’s anything else I can be happy about…

I can only SQUEEEEE and GLEEEEEE and just be HAPPY~~~~~ 😛

Sworn Brothers (aka Secret Reunion) tells of an unusual friendship (or rivalry) forged between an ex-NIS agent played by Song Kang Ho and a disowned North Korean spy played by Kang Dong Won. They encounter each other one day, be-friend each other without revealing to each other their true identities…and slowly discover that they share similarities so strong which would eventually (I presume) rift them apart in the end?

Sounds cliche? Yes, right.  Rough Cut or Typhoon much?

But just remind yourself you have Song Kang Ho and Kang Dong Won here, and if that doesn’t convince you. Don’t think anything else will.

So, less all the explanation… check out the meaty stills!!!

Just look at that stare of Kang Dong Won…*ripgal meltzzzz right away!*

And since I can’t find any YT links yet, check out the teaser trailer @ Twitch


Doesn’t it just spell = EXCITING????

(Totally love Song Kang Ho in the trailer… gosh, he’s just sooo good in everything. Can he like ever FAIL? Meanwhile, KDW’s just hot as hell.. his pretty boy-ness will always be there…in a good way of course..)

February 2010 just can’t come sooner!


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