Lee Jung Jae cast in “The Housemaid”?

Omonaaa…. such wonderful news to start off the new year! ^_^

News have been circulating in several media portals that Lee Jung Jae is currently considering taking up the role of the “husband” in the classic remake of “The Housemaid”.

For those who are not aware, news of this production has been generating a lot of buzz ,  with the return of Jeon Do Yeon to the small screen after the birth of her child and her successful movie My Dear Enemy (with Ha Jung Woo) last year, and the addition of the rising starlet Seo Woo to the casting list so far. Plus, the original (so I have heard) was a great hit back then in the 60s and is helmed to be one of the top movies in Korean cinema… making this remake a far more anticipated and hyped-up production than any other remake ever done.

The story tells of a housemaid (played by Jeon Do Yeon) who moves in to live with a married couple (husband and wife played by Lee Jung Jae and Seo Woo respectively), and causes a rift in their seemingly well-maintained relationship. The housemaid goes all out to seduce the man of the household and gradually queer things start to happen….etc.

So there you go. I can only say that I’m THRILLED!! Jeon Do Yeon‘s like the queen of the screens, and Seo Woo has impressed me so much in her recent stint in Tamra, The Island. But but but… the most important draw for me — none other than Lee Jung Jae!!

Many will agree with me (I’m sure) that in spite of his low profile image, this actor commands whenever he’s on screen. I remember I was so drawn to his acting in Air City (no matter how atrocious it was) that I could not stop thinking of him day and night. I searched for his films, watched almost all of them, bought a copy of Sandglass just to catch a glimspe of the self-sacrificing bodyguard, downloaded his old drama Feelings…etc. It was just plain mad and crazy. I have to admit I still have half of Triple to finish (I promise I will get to finishing it >_<),  but wth, this is definitely the greatest news of LJJ to have come by ever since he announced his return to the small screen months ago. 😀

I have never seen the original. So I don’t have an idea on how great it was. But I do think that with these 3 actors, the movie cannot possibly come out bad.

So here’s the calculation: ~

Great casting + great script + good director (I think Im Sang Soo’s one, tho I know nothing about him) = what else can it be other than GREAT?

Really, 2010 just cannot come sooner enough…..


3 thoughts on “Lee Jung Jae cast in “The Housemaid”?”

    1. Haha, just when I thought somebody got interested in “The Housemaid”! Ha.. 😛

      Yeap, their new movie My Name Is Khan’s coming out soon. Their 3rd collab with Karan Johar (after KKCH and K3G).

      The pics are for their Vogue promo shoot. PLUS I loveeee them to bits… so just had to share the love!! hehehe..

  1. Haha, I AM excited for Housemaid too, just that SK in the banner was surprising.

    I barely follow Bollywood but I remember being smothered to death to watch Kuch2 by my aunties. Kajol is so gorgeous, man.

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