Kang Ji Hwan terminates contract with management?

Just when I thought 2009 was to end beautifully and gloriously for Kang Ji Hwan. Well… apparently, that’s not the case atm.

The 6-time award winner (Best Newcomer/Actor Awards all won for his role of So Ta in Rough Cut) has apparently indicated his intention to terminate his contract with his management Jambo Entertainment today after having gone into hiding for almost a month. (What? Just when he’s in the midst of tasting the glory and success of his efforts for the past 2 years?)

According to reports, KJH had decided to cease his contract with his management for the reason that he was not satisfied with how they dealt with his projects and that they had forsaken quite a many potential and good career opportunities on his behalf. And whilst he wasn’t in action for the past month, he had apparently scouted for other agencies to handle his job offers, indirectly cutting off all relations with his current management.

A lot of have voiced out their displeasure and discontent on KJH’s actions as they felt that his actions were equivalent to biting the hand that fed him all the success in the past 2 years (Rough Cut, 7th Grade Civil Servant).  And with his contract coming to an end in August next year, it all seemed a bit too inappropriate and ungrateful for him to just turn his back on them just like that.

With regards to this, Jambo has responded by saying that they’re still discussing the matter and have not come to a conclusion yet.

News credits:  Mydaily/ Krdrama.com


Gosh, I really don’t know what to say about this.  I feel bad for KJH, having gone thru all the glory and success last year/this year and that everything had to end up this way (before the year ends that is!). But on the other hand, I do feel that what he’s done so far doesn’t SPELL ethical  or nice to me. I mean, he’s such a gifted and talented actor. He missed some opportunities yes, but there will be more right? It’s not like people do not know how good he is right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kang Ji Hwan to bits. And I admire his frankness when he talks about his passion for acting. But the thing about him terminating his contract because his management failed to secure good job opportunities is just ermm… incomprehensible to me. It’s like a child complaining that his mommy failed to buy him his favorite ice-cream. After all the success of Capital Scandal, Hong Gil Dong, Rough Cut, 7th Grade…etc, now this?

Well, I guess we can only wait until KJH releases an official statement regarding his situation.  Don’t want to jump into any conclusions or what not.  And since we all do not know the real thing behind the scenes, it’s best that we stay mum for a while.

Conclusion is, this year has been a great year for celebs, but also an equally controversial one. Hopefully KJH can ride this thru smoothly and find a resolve soon. FIGHTING Ji Hwan oppa!

Hopefully 2010 will be a better year for ALL.

Happy New Year guys~


One thought on “Kang Ji Hwan terminates contract with management?”

  1. I think he wanted to quit because his agency has such an unfortunate name.

    Joking aside, this news does have and ungrateful and arrogant air to it. I hope I’m wrong and that KJH did terminate for a legit reason. He’s got a lot of success the past couple of years and it’s unreasonable that he accuses his agency for not being MORE successful.

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