First Official Stills of Personal Taste

Awwww….howwwww CUTE!

Love Son Ye Jin’s expression in the stills. And her whole casual get-up’s totally my style too! =)

I’m pretty sure a lot of people are already HYPED UP for MBC‘s upcoming drama Personal Taste, which will star the ever lovely and talented Son Ye Jin, and upcoming newbie Lee Min Ho who rose to stardom after his popular (but awful) Boys Over Flowers. Normally I wouldn’t be so over-hyped and excited about nuna-dongsaeng pairings. But granted that this IS a SYJ drama, and I’m still not over her wonderful performance in Alone In Love, I’m willing to by-pass all the other potential factors which might bring the drama down (the writer-director team for example). hehehe.. =)

The drama essentially revolves around the odd and quirky relationship between a furniture company CEO, Park Gae In (SYJ) and her housemate Jung Jin Ho (LMH) who pretends to be gay. Their relationship begins in an amusing way as Gae In moves in with the pure intention of just wanting to befriend a gay guy friend (so that she can be intimate with a guy without hesitation and without having to consider the perks of falling in love? hehehe..) and Jin Ho moves in with the intention to befriend a lady friend the easy way.  So you may be able to figure out what would happen next – as charming and oblivious lil oddball Gae In slowly finds herself falling for her pretentious gay guy friend Jin Ho?

Okay, sounds a bit predictable right? But I’m willing to give this drama a full shot – just because the stills look really fun, and SYJ looks really uber adorable. I’m fine with LMH, and I think he still has a lot to prove after his first lead stint in BOF. But given that I haven’t seen him in meatier or more complex roles, this may be able to do it for him (and for me).

And plus, who would not want to see herself be in SYJ’s shoes? You’ve got a gay guy friend like LMH, you’d go for it, wouldn’t you? 😛

(credits: newsen/naver)

Personal Taste will premier in MBC on 31st March 2010.

And going head to head with KBS‘s Cinderella Unnie and SBS‘s Prosecutor Princess.

Let the battle begin!


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