[WGM] Sweet Potato “YongSeo” Couple

Sooooooo CUTE!! <333

I know this is lame, it’s cheesy, and it’s teen-bopper stuff. But one can’t help it when LOVE strikes right?

Haha, I know that’s sounds lamer than lame. But cut it out, I’m here to ramble about MBC We Got Married (WGM)’s newbie couple – Jung Yong Hwa of C.N. Blue and maknae Seo Hyun of SNSD, the YongSeo/SeoHwa or Sweet Potato couple.

Just before I begin my (possible) endless rant on the couple, I’d have to share with you a short history on my experience with the show. I started watching WGM 2 years back when it just started as an experimental show (CNY Special) on MBC.  It was quite a crazy experience back then, granted that I had a profound and special fondness for the couples in it, especially the Alex-Shinae and Crown J-In Young couple. Loved the former’s romantic vibes and the latter’s straightforwardness in their expressions of love and hatred (haha!).  I thought Andy and Solbi were cute, and JoongBo crazily funny and hilarious. Each tandem had their charm and appealing qualities that I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that everything was just make-believe, and that they were merely acting it out for the sake of entertainment. It was really LOVE for me back then. However, I don’t know what happened,  slowly the fandom started to die down. I lost interest and the couples really didn’t seem that interesting to me anymore. I stopped even before the first season really ended for good… I think just a few episodes before Al-Shin left? That was then.

So what happened this time around? Haha, I was surprised too. Cos I never imagined I would resume watching WGM after I lost the zeal earlier on. The only K-variety I watch nowadays is 1 Night 2 Days (which is awesomesauce!) and sometimes Star Golden Bell and Dream Team Season 2 on KBSW. The rest, mehhh… Well, let’s just say that I’m more of a K-drama addict.  BUT then, I was drawn to the interesting discussions and articles circulating online about this particular newbie couple in WGM. Praises, compliments, spazzing, ratings leap…etc. Just had to check it out. hehehe.. AND yet having gone in  to watch with some level of expectation, I wasn’t disappointed. At all. The sweet potato couple just made me go AWWWWWW…sooo CUTE!

I’ll be honest. Jung Yong Hwa didn’t exactly leave me with a great impression in You’re Beautiful. Not just because Jang Geun Seuk was just too overpowering as as the self-conscious, arrogant, snark-y but lovable Tae Kyung (and had better acting skills too) inside,  the former also lacked in the acting department as well as the appeal  (in comparison to the rest of the cast). Of course he was so much more better than Kim Hyung Joong in BOF, who literally just made my eyes roll every time he appeared on screen, but still, Jung Yong Hwa was just… erm… there to be a plot device for me.  No butterflies no swooning. He’s OKAY to me.

Likewise, I didn’t have the slightest knowledge or idea about Seo Hyun until I watched the episode. All I knew – she’s the magnae of SNSD and is a very smart (but shy) girl. That’s all.

I had some sort of expectation before I clicked on the play button, but I wasn’t really like I BET I’LL LOVE THEM –  until I watched the whole thing,  and found myself replaying their scenes over and over again just to indulge in their “awkward interactions”. I just went crazy. O_o

First off, Jung Yong Hwa.  Gosh he totally surprised me, because I totally did not expect him to be the playful, cheerful and friendly kind of guy, and sometimes, flirtatious too. The Shin Woo image (as portrayed in You’re Beautiful) has probably etched in my mind for so long that it came as a total (but wonderful) surprise to see him so outspoken and lively.  I totally LOLed when he asked one of his C.N. Blue members to pretend to be the “husband” in their first meeting while he hid behind to peer on cheekily. Such an unexpected and unique way to find out more about his “wife”! LOL.

Seo Hyun on the other hand, was WAY MORE reserved that I’d expected. One would think that after having been in SNSD for so long, and having been out in the entertainment world for at least 3 years, she would at least have become more outspoken and talkative.  But she was really really shy, very awkward and didn’t even know what to do or talk about – despite Yong Hwa’s efforts to start a conversation with her!  HOWEVER, I totally went OMGOMG when Yong Hwa asked her to choose, having just met her for like 3 minutes (?), amongst the 4 members, the one she would like to be her “husband” if the “false husband” wasn’t her husband (still pretending at that time).  And guess what? It was probably arranged by MBC or scripted, or even worst, a random choice by Seo Hyun. But I didn’t care.. my heart just went fluttering the minute she draped her towel around Yong Hwa! SOOOOOO fated huh? Even if it looked scripted on TV. hahaha.. <333

That was their first meeting. And from there, they proceeded to Yong Hwa’s studio to have a chit-chat. And all along the way there, there were so many cute and funny (albeit awkward) interactions between them that it was impossible not to giggle and laugh about. It’s like watching a player (I’m not saying Yong Hwa’s a player, but he does give off that certain vibe.. and girls definitely like guys like that! :P) trying to get to know this pure and innocent and disciplined girl but just CAN’T because the girl’s just SO DIFFERENT and UNIQUE. I don’t want to spoil the fun so I’ll not get into the details. But I assure you that just by  watching Yong Hwa try to talk to Seo Hyun while she just says Ne Ne Ne (Yes in Korean) every single time, and not saying anything after that, will get you into fits. It’s soooo hilariously awkward that I felt so bad for Yong Hwa. 😛

Having said that, I think the main reason why this couple got me excited because watching them interact gave me the exact same vibe and feeling I’d felt from watching Alex-Shinae from Season 1 of WGM. I loved the Al-Shin couple in the 1st Season. Didn’t care how some people blasted them for being so unrealistic and fairy-tale like. Didn’t bother when people called Alex a player and their portrayal of marriage too overly dramatic and romantic…etc. I just enjoyed what I’d felt from watching them interact and it was beautiful (tho sad at times). That aside, I think the Sweet Potato couple is being portrayed in the same if not similar light, with 2 people coming together as totally polar opposites. Yong Hwa’s really boldly outspoken while Seo Hyun’s more of an introvert who needs prompting to get going. From their interactions, you can detect the similarities to the Al-Shin couple as the former tries to ease up the conversations while the latter just doesn’t know how to respond or react.  But I guess they’re somehow a milder version as Yong Hwa doesn’t go all romantic or cheesy all of a sudden (like Alex) and Seo Hyun really just is too principled and naive to react to his words (a bit  different than Shin Ae who has her own agendas with love hence the conservativeness). It’s not like they don’t want to open up, or rather more so in Seo Hyun’s case, but rather, she doesn’t know HOW. And it’s bugging Yong Hwa (in a good way of course).

Another reason why I find this couple interesting is because of both Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun’s individual personalities. They’re SO DIFFERENT (evidenced by the fact that Seo Hyun’s literally a bookworm/booklover and Yong Hwa’s not, her favorite personality , Korea’s  UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki Moon whilst Yong Hwa’s  – Bon Jovi (hahahaha), she’s so principled and he’s the rules-are-meant-to-be-broken type…etc), and yet they come off really natural unknowingly on screen. I’m sure some of the stuff said and done on TV are partially scripted, and probably they’re not even close off-screen and what not.  But I don’t know, who cares right?  It’s just like watching a K-drama when I see them interact, and to me, it could be an act, it could be scripted. But I still like the feeling.  There’s no denying that I felt like “falling in love”. And isn’t the feeling just great? <33

My most favorite moment of the episode, altho I actually loved all their moments together, was when they gave each other nick names. I nearly fell of my seat when Seo Hyun responded, “Yooonng?” after Yong Hwa asked her to give him a nick name. LOL. The awkwardness, sooooo cute~ And the way Seo Hyun pronounced made it all funnier and cuter.  ❤ As for Yong Hwa, he immediately put Seo Hyun’s nick name “Hyun” into use and addressed her that way all thru the way until the end. Player much? Hahaha..

That wasn’t enough. Yong Hwa had to do what all players do, initiate skinship with the girl – by offering to teach her how to play the guitar. So given Seo Hyun’s curiosity, she agreed without any further questions. But the BEST thing was that, she was totally oblivious to all the skinship, and focused on playing the guitar every single minute. To the extent of ignoring Yong Hwa’s “statement” that he had prepared a lil gift for her. And that he even had to repeat twice for Seo Hyun to hear it!  How’s that? Player got pawned? HAHAHAH…

There were more interesting moments, but I believe if I’d to mention all of them here, I’d never finish. You know how long-winded (and verbose) I can get sometime. hehe…

So here’s a small cut from the episode, of Yong Hwa playing his guitar and singing to Seo Hyun..

I must say that this lead vocalist of C.N. Blue has a pretty solid voice there, albeit a bit croaky towards the end. He probably has done this stunt a million times in front of other girls and is probably immune to all the WOW and WOAHS.  So be it for entertainment, for leaving a good impression or whatever, I thought his rendition was pretty good. And he has a good voice for sure ^_^ But the important thing was that magnae Seo Hyun was smiling wide too! =)

Last but not least, you can find all their parts in youtube and have a look at their cute awkwardness.  I’m not certain whether their parts have been fully subbed in English as I had the privilege to watch the Chinese subbed version.  The last I checked only Part 1 has been subbed. But until then, stay put with what’s available on youtube first. They’re enough to make you want more…hehehe…

And oh yes, do check out C.N. Blue‘s new single “I’m a Loner” too. Totally addicted to it right now! XD

End of rant.

[Picture credits: LaBelle & kickasskriz @ Soompi Sweet Potato thread]


9 thoughts on “[WGM] Sweet Potato “YongSeo” Couple”

  1. oh lol, here you go. goguma couple!

    I like them, but I do have one reservation. Seohyun can come across a little like a pretentious know it all, with her constant book talk and Ban Kimoon. I do think she needs to dial that down a little.

    Aside from the couple itself, I seriously LOL whenever Jinwoon gets all jealous from watching his favourite Seohyun with another guy, hahah..

  2. How dare you pick on our Goguma couple?!! Haha..j/k j/k.. =P
    I don’t know Seo Hyun that well to judge anyway. She may really love books in real-life, or probably was told by WGM PDs to act that way. But I like watching them because they represent the kind of sweet dating relationship I may never get to experience anymore…>.<

    Jin Woon's hilariously DUHHHH… and Seulong always tries to make it worst for him. Poor guy. But cute nonetheless!

  3. i dunno… i’m juz luv with diz couple… and i luv da way on how yonghwa trying to make seohyun comfortable..and also for seohyun, i’m sure she also felt da same.. juz wat we all know, she is very educated, so she will alwez keep thinking on how to make everything confortable…
    its all about fate.. if they r meant to be together, i’m sure everyone will luv it..if not, they still can be a good fren rite…

    juz like wat seobaby said, before she get da real 1, she need to explore about diz first… wat can i say, diz is the process of learning…
    n until now, i think they are really comfortable with each other…

    nowdays, its hard to find a girl like seohyun… n i’m sick to read all her anti’s comment. heiya, becoz of she doesnt act sexy n very quiet and so on.. dat is not da reason y they not like her, rite? juz let her breath freely..and give her chance to be more comfortable with idol life..

    i think she start to shining brightly… thanx to all who loves her…
    and to anti’s- GROW UP PLZ..

  4. very well said…same sentiment..i fell in luv with this couple that i cant help to repeatedly watched it sp the first 5 episode..wether its just an act..still i like how they portrayed as a young couple..and with this i becanm a fan of SH and YH..

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