Cinderella Unnie *NEW* Photos + BTS Clip

Nice melancholic feel up there, don’t you think so?

I know there have been various updates on Cinderella Unnie thus far that it’s getting pretty old. But I just can’t help it, the teaser photos and clips keep coming non-stop, every other 2-3 days. Now that KBS has released some more picturesque photos of the drama, I must say I’m really HYPED. And my anticipation has grown much more ever since the news was announced.

(credits: Cinderella Unnie DC/ MGY baidu)

I’m really loving the shots up there.  The greyish color adds a lot of heartfelt and heartwinging feel to the overall tone, and both Moon Geun Young and Chun Jung Myung look great with their expressions. I have a feeling that the drama will do great.

Well we have seen a lot of pics of MGY, CJM and even Taecyeon, who plays secondary lead. But none of Seo Woo. Some people might even start to think about whether she’s even cast at all. But no worries, she’s definitely in for sure. Check out this KBS BTS/Interview clip of the Cinderella Unnie cast. You’ll see Seo Woo at the end of the clip. ^^

It looks like MGY’s already into her “evil” character, and Seo Woo isn’t exactly nice lil Cinderella too. But both of them are soooooo pretty. So young too! >.<

Cinderella Unnie premiers on KBS 31st March 2010, right after Chuno ends (NO!!!!).


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