Jang Hyuk, WINNER in my heart

I shouldn’t start my post with expletives. But I can’t help it. I need to.


Okay, calm down. Calm down. I shouldn’t be too hung up on this. It’s just an awards show. And they’re never fair to begin with. Why get so involved?

I know. I know.  But it’s just still very disappointing for me. I literally felt my heart slump right down to my toes when they announced LBH as the winner for Best Actor. The empty feeling kicked in, and it was so overwhelming that tears formed in my eyes when watching Ep 22 of Chuno at the same time the result was announced.  Jang Hyuk was TOTALLY ROBBED OFF that title right in front of all eyes which were very well aware that he was more than deserving for that title. Not bashing LBH and the rest of the nominees as I have seen all of the dramas/roles that they’ve been nominated for and in which they’d performed pretty decently. But if there was a teeny weeny bit of observation and critical judgment employed in the deliberation of the final winner, ANYONE would have chosen JH over the rest. Cos he was just that ONE NOTCH above the rest. For realz!

Ack, I still have this really really bitter taste lingering in my mind mouth (after all that swearing).  I was comforted by the flood of posts saying how IRIS shouldn’t have won for Best Drama (Chuno should have, or even Brilliant Legacy) and how Jang Hyuk was snubbed…etc. It’s a bit hypocritical for me because I felt happy that Go Hyun Jung and Kim Nam Gil won in their respective categories. But heck I just couldn’t care less after LBH won. Jang Hyuk was ripped off. Ripped off BOOOOO~~~ *SOBS*

I will not reiterate on how wonderful Chuno was and has been with this actor (as you can read in a previous post on Jang Hyuk’s  performance), but I can say that Chuno couldn’t have been so well-received and moving despite its script-writing flaws and loopholes without Jang Hyuk. He was the driving force of Chuno. He was the GEM of BRILLIANCE of the drama. No Jang Hyuk = No Chuno!

This 4 minute Chuno MV is more than enough to flood the room. Jang Hyuk’s brilliance.

credits: nemin091

I don’t think I’m able to get over his performance anytime soon. The last time I felt this depressing and down was for Hyun Bin’s performance in Friend, Our Legend. But that faded away pretty fast. Dae Gil I fear will remain in my mind for a very very long time…>.<  Just like how Cha Moo Hyuk in MISA’s etched in my mind right until now, Jang Hyuk’s Dae Gil officially enters that list. And takes over the spot. Sorry Moo Hyuk. After 5 long years. It’s Jang Hyuk’s turn.

Hyukie, you are no doubt the WINNER IN MY HEART.


2 thoughts on “Jang Hyuk, WINNER in my heart”

  1. TO HELL with the BAEK SANG AWARDS!!

    Even though I knew LBH would get the award, I still hoped there would be some conscience that JH should be the winner!

    I don’t know why this reminded me of criticism that the media were going on with LDH’s shiny manicure, modern make-up and exposure of her body. That was so unfair to LDH and made me very upset and mad then.

    LDH is my number 1 favorite Korean female actress. I love her very much. I especially like the chemistry btw JH and LDH together. Don’t know when they will work together ever again. It’s a big disappointment to me that they do not have many scenes together in Chuno. Even LDH admitted wishing there were more scenes btw DG and Onion.

    I couldn’t start any new drama after Chuno. I started one episode ‘Change’ with Kimura Takuya (for a change )right after Chuno ended to take my mind off. Today, I just picked it up and started watching it. Can’t find anything like Chuno soon !

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