Music Focus : Brown Eyed Soul

Time for music time!~~

To be very very honest, I didn’t know a thing about Brown Eyed Soul up until I discovered that Lee Da Hae was going to star in the MV for their new song I’ll Move recently. I knew about Brown Eyes, Brown Eyed Girls… but NOT Brown Eyed Soul. And superficial me can’t help but not admit that I actually checked them out and their new song BECAUSE of Lee Da Hae only. Booyah~~

To my surprise, I ended up loving the song more than the MV itself. Of course LDH was gorgeous and ethereal in the MV, and I loved how she emoted with different expressions inside. But it’s the 4 guys which made me click replay all over and over again.

Check out the MV – I’ll Move

credits: AsianMusicHD

I totally drowned in the group’s soothing and R&B-styled voice.  It made me reminisce of old times (altho the song’s not about that at all)…and ya know, it’s  sorta like the type of song which would make you feel better when you feel really down or sad. I know I felt really good listening to it.

And oh,  didn’t you just giggle for a while when LDH threw that flower-pot out of the window suddenly? I wonder what was that for..HAHA~


4 thoughts on “Music Focus : Brown Eyed Soul”

  1. Oh yeah.

    Brown Eyed Soul totally rocks. I have been long fall in love with their music. 3 years back if I’m not mistaken I don’t care or moved a bit with Brown Eyes Girls whatsoever. Nothing surpass them in R&B (except) Red Soul I beleive. But they are seniors in R&B. Maybe the two of them didn’t get along but when they are together magical things happen. Eight another group on my fav list before.

  2. Hi Ripgal..

    My 1st comment here 🙂 It’s a nice MV and song indeed but somehow I much more prefer their other track – Blowin My Mind.

    Will be keep on visiting your blog. 화이팅!!

    1. Hey, thanks for dropping by.
      In all honesty, I’m not all that music-focused. Didn’t even listen to their other album tracks..=P

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