Park Shi Hoo goes for the KISS in Prosecutor Princess


Omona, look at those eyes of In Woo (Park Shi Hoo)!! So damn sexy and alluring <333

Currently an obsession of mine, Prosecutor Princess has just released new stills of its leads Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon practising for their KISSING SCENE in Ep 7  (WEEEEEEEEE~~~~!!)

(credits: naver)

The kissing scene was apparently filmed on the 18th (yesterday only?) at around 8pm in In Woo and Hye Ri’s neighborhood park/playground in the drama. Both leading actors Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon couldn’t hide their awkwardness and anxiety before and during filming but still had a fun time together.

It was especially difficult for Park Shi Hoo because he had to constantly practise how to “execute” the ambush kiss with the right expression and gazes whilst following the script/dialogue at the same time.  However, he still couldn’t contain his laughter because he had to act really serious and solemn while aiming at KSY’s lips. (hahahaha.. CUTE!)

On the director Jin Hyuk’s que, PSH and KSY went straight into  practising and filming the ambush kiss for real with 60 people from the crew witnessing from aside. They kissed several times and according to some, it felt like they were filming a movie instead of a drama (I wonder what they meant by that..hehehe..)

One of the crew revealed, “In Woo revealed his feelings by kissing Hye Ri all of a sudden.  It will drive HR to re-think about her vague relationship with In Woo.”

credits :


Wednesday seems so far away now! So can’t wait to see In Woo go for the kiss! YIPPEEE~~


8 thoughts on “Park Shi Hoo goes for the KISS in Prosecutor Princess”

  1. Whoa!!

    I LOVE THIS drama to bits too!! Never thought I will. Hehe.

    I skip the parts and excuse me but I want her to be with my General Choi. Not because he is General Choi at heart but I feel they have more chemistry together and I love his character more.


  2. Yup. Exactly. But I wouldn’t denied that each of the man has their own charm. The scenes between PSH and KSY is indeed sizzling me too but maybe I’m just being biased to General Choi (tough he lacks in acting) LOL. I skipped the spoiler in this entry but whoa, I’m sooo gonna watch it in the drama.:)

    Thanks ripgal.

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