Variety Focus: Rain (Bi) @ KBS Win Win

OMONA~~ doesn’t the above picture just spell CUTENESS all over? <33

I haven’t written about Rain for a very very long time…I think ever since I started my blog? (My first post here was about Rain and Lee Da Hae‘s collab in his Rain Fashion Concert about  a year ago.) So he’s currently back in Korea (after having ventured out to Hollywood for a year or 2) to promote his new album “Back to the Basics”, with countless on-stage performances, interviews, variety appearances and what not. Truthfully speaking, I’ve only heard of his first 2 title tracks, “Love Song” and “Hip Song” (which were unfortunately BLERH to me) and seen some of his performances on KBSW. His voice is still good, but unfortunately the songs were incredibly boring and unoriginal. Save for the free strip-feast and battering eye-lashes, and of course his skillful dance routines, I consider his comeback a bit bland in comparison to his previous stints. And a bit too cheesy and greasy too this time around. So much so for the huge buzz before the comeback huh?

But cut to the point, Rain is still as adorable as EVER. I really love watching his interviews and variety shows because he’s always SO SMOOTH and spontaneous with questions. I know very well it may not be his true-self and everything may be an act put on to attract viewers, but man, he’s definitely got some variety jungshin skills to boot.  Man is made for entertainment word. If one day you ever decide not to sing Rain,  or when stardom’s over for you (of course I hope not), you can try out for Variety! hehehehe…

So before I ramble on and on.. check out Rain’s recent appearance in KBS Win Win Show…

Source : cashewmania
Korean to Chinese: EunHye @withRain @
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Chinese to English: huhuhuhu @ RainHK, Cuckoo@NY
Timer,Typsetter, Uploader: RainBunnie @ YT
QC-er Cuckoo
Special thanks to angelordevil

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REALLY LOOOOVE it when Rain breaks into his trademark smile. SHO SHO CUTE!


8 thoughts on “Variety Focus: Rain (Bi) @ KBS Win Win”

  1. Lol when I heard of Love Song and Hip Song I thought, man, you cannot get more literal than that can you? I wasn’t impressed after listening though, unsurprisingly.

    I must sound like a hater now, but I actually like to watch Rain as Rain in person more than actor-Rain or singer-Rain. He’s quite witty at times and he can be really fun to watch. Like you said it may be a persona that he puts on but nonetheless more impressive and interesting than a hip song will ever be to me 😉

    1. Apparently he wrote those songs himself? I applaud his efforts, but he should really just stick to what he’s good at (dancing’s my fav of Rain). His songs may not be great and all, but I still LOVE watching him perform. His onstage presence and charisma ALWAYS keep me glued on to the screen…<3

  2. Hi Ripgal,
    I don’t know what we’re doing but me and my chinggu missed Rain @ Jang Dong Gun’s wedding @ The Shilla hotel. My only consolation is a pose with his hot poster @ d subway. Lol!
    However, I just died seeing So Ji Sub! HOTness! Didn’t know his buddy buddy with Song Seong Hun? Hyun Bin, those smile were just a killer! I melted! So Charming Lee Byung Hun! Star studded, I can’t believe I’m seeing all these men in one stop.Even Andre Kim was there with his giant space suit lol! This experence though was beyond priceless! Sorry chinggu for the OT.

    1. OMG maccay chinggu, you were THERE?? Oh gosh, you can kill me right now. I would DIE just to be there man. So enviousssss~~

      Ok, gotta watch more Rain vids to relieve my envy…arhhh…

  3. Ooh, thanks for the video!

    I actually do like Love Song tho. It’s nothing spectacular, and I do get the back to basics concept cause it’s a pretty simple song that sticks in your head.

  4. Just love your comment about how he’s not his true self on variety shows hehehe… I guess everyone knows him better than he knows himself? Too many (public and those which cannot-be-published) fan accounts floating around.

  5. Really guys? I was actually addicted to the songs and they were what made me search and love Rain all the more. I was even more shocked to know he wrote them ok!

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