Road No. 1 – Trailer

SO DID NOT realize that June is already around the corner. Which means in no time,  I will get to see my hubby So Ji Sub on the small screen again! *SQUEEEEE* This is TOTAL RELIEF (and of course happiness!) for me because his previous project Cain & Abel, which was supposed to be the great comeback for him, failed so so so miserably. My fellow chinggus would know. What a total mess it was.

But rest assured, he knows very well his fans miss him loads and is  already en route to showing his HOT CHOC abs again in his upcoming drama Road No. 1, which also stars Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Kye Sang. Let’s hope with the help of the Time Between The Dog and Wolf writer+PD team up, SJS will blow me away again like how he did in MISA.

Meanwhile, check out the newly released trailer here!

credits: blueychoa @ youtube

Pretty sad huh? Though I wasn’t particularly impressed with it or anything, I actually liked the melancholic music/melody used to contrast the devastation and wreckage caused by the war inside. I’m not so much of a war-movie/drama person. I remember watching bits and pieces of Sandglass and really couldn’t bring myself to sit thru all the political and war related agendas in the drama (even tho it had my beloved Lee Jung Jae in it).  I get really dizzy when all explosions come into play and all. BUT of course, for So Ji Sub and Kim Ha Neul (whom I love as well), I am definitely not going to miss this.

And hey, if I get to see more scenes of SJS baring his BOD and making out (Woot!), like in the first few secs of the trailer, I so wouldn’t mind sitting thru all those explosion stuff. HAHA!


2 thoughts on “Road No. 1 – Trailer”

  1. aw, it’s sad you didn’t like Cain and Abel. So Ji Sub with Han Ji Min cannot be beat imo. It’s going to be hard for me to watch him with any other partner :p Road No. 1 isn’t doing much to interest me yet.

    1. I actually liked SJS and HJM together in C&A, but the plot just..sigh.. well, faltered in all places. SJS’s special to me as it doesn’t bother me too much seeing him with any other female co-star. My fav is his tandem with Im Soo Jung tho. 😛

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