Rain and Lee Na Young’s “Runaway” Stills

So it’s finally confirmed that Lee Na Young will be Rain’s heroine in PD Kwak and Chun Sung Il’s second drama collaboration after Chuno. It didn’t come as a much of a surprise to me as rumors had been floating for quite some time that it’d either be Jeon Ji Hyun or Lee Na Young. Apparently Jeon Ji Hyun had dropped the oppurtinity to star in this highly anticipated comeback drama of Rain because of her unresolved management problems?  But one wonders whether the recent revelation of their so called “secret relationship” actually played a part in her decision. Hmmmm…

Anyway, pretty self-explanatory above. The newly released stills for Runaway. Filming has officially commenced as of the 16th whereby both lead actor and lead actress came together in a temple inside of Seoul to film the “pilot scene”. The filming was conducted in total privacy as the filming crew chose to surprise us with a confirmation of Lee Na Young as female lead only on the day the stills were released. I already had a gut feeling that she would take up a role,  and I’m glad that she took it up instead of Jeon Ji Hyun, but what’s with all the secrecy eh?

Storyline’s still pretty vague at this point as all we know is that Lee Na Young will play Jinny who falls in love with a fugitive Jin Woo played by Rain. Other than that, the drama’s still pretty much wrapped up in its own.

Lee Na Young looks absolutely alluring and sensual in that black get-up while Rain looks pretty slick and fine. But WHY THE HECK am I not feeling anything from the stills at all? O_o Maybe because they’re unpolished stills and both actors look zoned out and unfitting for the title the drama bears? Hmm…

I’m not harboring that high of an expectation this time because of the slight disappointment I had with Chun Sung Il in Chuno (altho I still love the drama to bits!), esp with regard to the penning of his female characters in the drama.  I hope he doesn’t downplay Lee Na Young’s role in this drama this time as she’s definitely a talented actress who should be utilized to the fullest for her own and the drama’s own good. And of course, more Rain is always good… but please don’t give me stuff such as this and that taylor made for Rain blah blah blah.  He’s a world star no doubt, but please please no preferential treatment here. I want it equal between the 2 actors. Word.

Runaway will premier in September this year.

Gah, it’s a long wait! =(


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