Won Bin’s “The Man From Nowhere (Ajusshi)” Teaser

Hottie Won Bin’s in the store!

Low-profile actor Won Bin’s new movie “The Man From Nowhere” or Ajusshi (Korean Title)  has already wrapped up (wow so fast?), with new posters and a new teaser released to whet our interests. The movie tells of Won Bin’s character, a man with a dark and mysterious past who goes all out to save a little girl who is being kidnapped.  The little girl is played by Kim Sae Ron who received appraisals and accolades for her heart-wrenching performance in the critically acclaimed ‘A Brand New Life” which won Best Film in the Tokyo International Film Festival last year.

A very typical thriller plot, but a movie with 2 award-winning movie actors (Mother for Won Bin), what’s not to look out for?

Check out the trailer here: –

video credits: koichan1011 @ youtube

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Won Bin sure looks mighty hot in the trailer.. and it looks like he’ll be taking some action stunts into his hands as well. Wasn’t particularly intrigued or impressed, but I reckon it’d be worth watching just for the hotness overload, and of course, his to-die-for gazes? ❤


2 thoughts on “Won Bin’s “The Man From Nowhere (Ajusshi)” Teaser”

  1. I’m Won Bin’s fan from the Philippines. I love the movie so much, much as I love the main actor. It’s a movie worth your time, pretty good stunts in the fighting scenes, plus the picture of child labor , organ trafficking and drugs which is actually very true in our society today. It’s a heart-pricking and at the same time an awakening call to the real dark side of the society.

    1. I liked Won Bin in it, but the story..ermm.. well, just didn’t strike a chord with me. Check out my full review on the first page :D. I can only say that it could have been done better…execution wise, at least.

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