Music Focus: Lee Seung Gi & Kim Yuna

Haven’t been back posting for ages man. I think I kind of lost my enthusiasm or zeal in writing?  Or I’m just out of ideas already.  I just can’t seem to write ANYTHING!! Had contemplated to finish writing my review for Jeon Woo Chi, Karate Kid, Damo..etc… but in the end I just shoved them away into the trash can.  Really really need some motivation.  T_T

Oh wellz, whilst idle-ing around, I stumbled across this song/MV recorded by Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna in conjunction of Korea’s preparation and its participation in the World Cup 2010. I know it’s kinda aimless or useless to post it around right now, since the World Cup has officially ended (with Spain bagging their long awaited and deserved victory) and Korea has since then moved on to other things after their loss in the quarter finals. But it’s quite an uplifting song to listen to. And Seung Gi and Yuna looked great together in the MV.

So why not? At least I feel more motivated after listening to it. Maybe I’ll pick up writing (reviews or stuff with more substance I mean) again after a few more listens…

Here you go, Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna’s duet version of the original Smile Boy (by Seung Gi <)

credits: kor0seoul


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