Park Si Yeon for BEQUEM ’10

Lovely, ain’t she?

Park Si Yeon has been on a roll lately hasn’t she? She has definitely come far,  back from the resented-by-many mean girl in My Girl 5 years ago, to the lovely and charismatic Eun Young in the recently finished Coffee House.  She wasn’t at her best back then, and had suffered a bout of backlash in terms of her acting (and also because her relationship with Shinhwa’s Eric at the same time). But I can surely and safely say that she’s far from that now, having chosen solid projects one after another ever since. From Song Ji Na’s Story of A Man, to Jung Ha Yeon’s Bittersweet Life then to Noh Hee Kyung’s Red Candy recently? Can you not say that’s a great feat?

So not only does she have a good eye for quality, she also happens to be a fashionista! ❤

Check out her recent photos for BEQUEM 2010: –

credits: lovekoreastar

No, I’m not a bag lover. And those heels/shoes are overrated.

BUT, if I can look half as pretty as her… man I’d do anything.

2 thoughts on “Park Si Yeon for BEQUEM ’10”

  1. I really like PSY. Other than My Girl, she’s shone in everything that I’ve watched of her, including the two I’m watching at present: Story of a Man and Coffee House.

    She looks so lovely in these pics!

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