Lee Da Hae rejects Rain?

NO JOKE guys!

Except that this  happened in Rain‘s currently airing drama “Fugitive ( Runaway: Plan B)“. lol (What a bummer eh?)

I love love love Lee Da Hae, as you all know.  My first EVER blog post was dedicated to her (and Rain! :P). I get all excited whenever she posts something, photos or personal messages. I love it when she goes all crazy about her oppas (especially Jang Hyuk!). I get all fumed up when people bash or criticize her (but understand that everyone’s entitled to their own opinions AND knowing how she’s so prone to negative stuff). I even have this special category created just for her here.  I’m just a GONER. Crazy incurable Lee Da Hae fan.

So when I found out that she was gonna cameo for Fugitive, I went hysterical.  I already had a huge hunch that she’d do so having seen that almost everyone from Chuno had agreed to cameo for the drama, and for PD Kwak (who’s sooooo awesomesauce!). I just didn’t expect her to appear so early…like  in the first 10 mins of the pilot episode? She just shot her scenes like what? 4 days before the premier?

No spoiling.. so here you go!

There’s a bit of a glitch in the beginning, and the last 20 secs were cut off in this video. But anyway, just enjoy and indulge in the Bi-Hae ride!~~


3 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae rejects Rain?”

  1. I really love the their section together, and Lee Da Hae really shows her other side of acting talent, just last week saw her in HARU, now here in Plan B, TOTALLY ENJOY BOTH OF HER SHOW.

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