Jung Woo Sung’s lady: Michelle Yeoh?

Oh, how he wishes so eh? 😛

Truly, no kidding…from the news reports I’ve been reading so far of him constantly praising Michelle Yeoh, of him wishing to have a girlfriend like her, and as of recent, again reiterating his admiration for her and saying that they’ll be lovers in their next life…..etc. It’s obvious, he LIKES her! (I can hear hearts breaking and shattering already!)

Awww, such sweet and lovely statements. No woman or girl would not flutter or blush upon hearing that.  If I was Michelle, I’d ditch Jean Todt (oopps, kidding!) and run away with this soft and cuddly big bear Jung Woo Sung to the end of the horizon…

But of course, we will never know. Unless we see it with our own eyes!

So, how often do you see co-stars displaying their admiration towards each other publicly? Or even better, intimacy?

Check our Reign of Assassins couple out!

Good friends as they may claim themselves to be, they do have this very comfy couple vibe don’t they?

If I were Jean Todt, I’d be furious. 😛

Meanwhile, can’t wait for the movie to be released here!


3 thoughts on “Jung Woo Sung’s lady: Michelle Yeoh?”

  1. If I was Jean Todt, I’d be f**king worried, lol.

    No seriously, with all due respect, Jean Todt is amazing at what he does, being the president of FIA is clearly a huge feat. And I’ve always liked seeing Michelle chilling at the racetracks with him 🙂

    Re the last pic, it does kinda make you go “ooooo” seeing Michelle lean back so easily into Woo Sung’s personal space but… call me a body language nit-picker or what have you, but notice they are both crossing their legs away from each other, which usually means they’re either uncomfortable or not interested in ea other (yepyepyep, I’m totally trying keep my hopes up for JWS xDD But wah, hang on a second, if Woo Sung baby is diggin’ Michelle, then he’s an older woman kinda man, ne? Boos, that rules me out then, lol.)

    Just want to mention though, it would be no surprise that JWS has a little crush on Michelle, she is such an amazing woman. And as much as I love Woo Sung, seeing them together, Michelle’s superstar glow does kinda outshine him a smidgen on the red carpet ^^;

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