Happy New Year 2011!

Hola guys!~

(photo credits: LDH’s twitter)

Happy New Year 2011 and cheers!

I am finally back after a 3-month long hiatus! Missed me? Haha, dun think so.

Life has been quite hectic and happening the past few months, hence the lack (or you can call it “absence”) of updates here. Never realized that catching up with life, family and friends could be so energy and time-consuming! (Blame the reality of life. You can DO NOTHING with just 24 hours)  Laziness (and booze, and partaying!) played a big part as well. And when they knock on your door, you just succumb and raise your white flag.  (Hopeless!)

In spite of all the crazy hoo-has in my life however, you guys know very well I would NEVER EVER in a thrillion years miss out on my K-dramas. Dunno if it’s a good thing or bad thing,  it’s already engraved within me, right down to the core of my heart. And it will probably stay put until the world ends. (choi choi XD) K-drama watching continued on as usual, but reviewing and commenting reduced a great deal. It suddenly occured to me that I CANNOT catch up anymore. 5 years ago I’d  check Soompi whenever I had the time, clock in and leave at least 1 post no matter what. Now?  Have to shamelessly profess that I lack what it takes to survive in the forum now. It’s SCARY!

A lot of peepz have posted their 2010-year end drama reviews, and I’m extremetly TEMPTED to do one as well. I said tempted because I’m currently sitting on a wobbly fence. I want to do one just cos I think I’ve watched quite a bulk last year, and it doesn’t harm doing one.. but then, when I think about it more thoroughly, I really dun have nothing to write. 2010 was a good year,  but it certainly did not blow me away as much as 2007.  If you ask me to name a memorable (finished) drama, only CHUNO pops up. Other than that, blerh. Why do I choose crappy dramas to watch, finish them and instead forsake all the quality ones?!! Speaking of which, I still have to finish Comrades and watch Giant. (See my point?)

Dun wanna bulk up this post with meaningless rants further. So before I rest my SELF, here’s a video of Insooni doing her rendition of “A Goose’s Dream“, a song originally sung by Carnival (I have no idea who they are, but just so to credit) and one  which I’d just discovered in Ep 1 of idol-teen drama Dream High.

credits video upload: iufilm01

A bit random to the point of the post… but I just could NOT get this song out of my mind after listening to it.  It just struck a chord inside me. And made me felt motivated to pursue something. I dunno what it is. And may not find out soon. But for those who’re wary or unsure, this song may be a booster.

You don’t get that many 10 years.  So just go for that one dream you have if you think it’s worth the pursuit.




One thought on “Happy New Year 2011!”

  1. Haha, I used to have a Soompi window as a permanen fixture in my desktop for as long as the computer is on. Right now I visit over like once a week or so. So sad!

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