Lee Min Jung’s Besti Belli 2011 Spring Collection


Isn’t Lee Min Jung just gorgeous?!

She’s practically got it all now. Beauty. Talent. Charm.

Her latest photos for Besti Belli’s 2011 Spring Collection prove very well that she’s on her way to pawning the modeling world as well.  Chic rawkz every single outfit like no other!




credits: besti belli website/ baidu

I want all those clothes!!!!!! *(y^)($&)(#&_#*_))*_)#*

She has everything to pull the outfits off whilst I don’t have the money to even get the belt.  Sighs.

But just looking at her makes me happy. Nothing short of a brilliant way to start off the Lunar New Year 2011! See pretty stuff! 😀

Happy Lunar New Year peepz!




6 thoughts on “Lee Min Jung’s Besti Belli 2011 Spring Collection”

  1. hi Ripgal,

    nice to you posting again. 3 months? It felt like 3 years. I thought you had retired ^^. And did not see you at soompi either, so thought you must be busy with real life or cured. Glad to hear everything is ok and to have you back ^^

    1. Hello there knuts! ^__^
      So someone missed me huh? haha… I feel so touched. *huggggzzzz* I haven’t retired yet… as long as K-drama and entertainment lives, I’ll continue to rant and ramble and babble. Whatever fits. As for Soompi, I guess I’m not that enthusiastic anymore.. there I have retired from totally for sure. LOL.

  2. What’s the price range for Besti Belli clothes? I love everything shes wearing too. I think she may have a complex about one side of her face because she almost always shoots looking to her left.

  3. Hi there,
    I would like to buy clothes by Besty Belli . How i can it. and where i can find it in Moscow?
    Please answer me.
    I like very much the last pic. . i am ready to buy.
    Help me, please

  4. Shoo and Nani,

    I am afraid I’m unable to help you guys out. I really have no idea.
    Maybe you guys cud google abt the brand online? You’d probably find some info there… sorry yea..

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