You Are My Sunshine


The cutting! The frills! The color! OMG, this is a dress I’d DIE to wear. Doesn’t matter if I look good or ugly in it. I just love love love it!

Yellow is not an easy color to pull off. One needs to be able to carry the grace and the softness of the tone and not look tacky or old-fashioned in it. It’s either you look great in it, or you suck. Real bad.

I’ve always thought Da Hae looked better in vibrant and light colors. She just exudes a more natural aura in them. Not too much gloss and glam, just the right shade for her. Sunshine.

I recalled her having worn yellow (full-blown from tip to toe) about 3 to 4 times in the past and she managed to pull the color off beautifully like no other. Gorgeous, ethereal and radiant.  And she did it once again in the 2011 Seoul Art and Cultural Awards whereby she was the host of the event (too bad Jang Geun Seuk couldn’t make it or else it’d be great to see them again after their previous collaboration with Andre Kim). The Queen of Sunshine. Here we go~

Awww, how cute is that?

The opening of the skirt may have been a bit too high for our girl to handle. And I’m already reading several articles about it as I type (just don’t get why the press is always on to celebrities sighs). But oh wellz, I prefer to look at the bigger picture in that her whole get-up was really well matched and serene. Simple and sophisticated. =)

So please wear more COLOR instead of black all the time Da Hae ssi!

And oh, did I mention that I love her accessories and shoes too? The fun and luxury of being a celebrity I say. Hehe.


3 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine”

  1. The color is a little too bright for me, personally, but LDH pulls off the style and color well, especially with her slim and tall figure and lovely smile.
    Regarding her upcoming projects, she’s working on a movie now? Any news of her being back on the small screen?

    1. Well she’s supposed to comeback with a 3-D movie called Gabi/Coffee with Joo Jin Mo. But I think it’s been running into some financial issues lately, hence the delay. Sighs. Girl’s considering to drop the project if it the filming doesn’t come to fruition anytime soon. Unlucky unlucky.

  2. In the second photo, I was taken aback & thought for a moment that she was a Buddhist goddess from a painting or something. I hate the color yellow but I don’t think she looks too bad in it. I’d prefer that she wear something darker, but it’s Lee Da Hae! This one’s not my favorite dress on her but she can wear whatever the heck she wants and still pull it off somehow.

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