Why so publicly secretive?

Remember this? I’m sure you do.

For peepz who have been following Hong Kong Entertainment or TVB, this definitely isn’t something new or surprising. Boscolie (short for Bosco and Myolie) have been rumored to be dating ever since their collaboration in the hit TVB series War of In Laws (WOIL) back in year 2004. People have spotted them dating, doing stuff together, traveling together etc… but all they have ever said (and will always do I’m sure) in response to all of that, “Oh, we’re good friends.” blah blah blah. 7 years on and counting, NOTHING has changed. They’re still together. Still denying their relationship as ever.  Ahbutthen? Everyone already knows. Geez.

Okay I admit. I was once a die-hard fan of Boscolie. I recall having did everything an obsessed fan would have done , for this couple addiction and fandom. I searched thru the internet for their pictures together. Browsed thru youtube for their videos whenever I had the time. And I even re-watched their videos just to feel the “love” that they shared. etc. LOL, waste of time much? 😛

I wasn’t a fan of Bosco or Myolie before WOIL. I thought Bosco was fugly (sorry a bit harsh here) and Myolie, uh well, just a rising actress with potential. But when they came together in WOIL, their instant and combustive chemistry immediately got me into GAGA mode. Back in the days, I was like, OK they have so much chemistry they MUST be together or something (this happened to me in Full House, My Girl and Prince Turn Into A Frog where I became a ballistic fan of the OTPs).  So imagine, how crazy or obsessed I could have been then?

I really liked Boscolie and I still do. They’re just a goof when they’re together, especially during interviews. You always get a really cheerful and playful vibe from them in spite of their constant denials of their relationship. They tease each other publicly, show their affection and admiration towards each other without hesitation. And they even joke about their relationship rumors like they’re no big deal.

A lot of TVB couples have been subject to “couple rumors” in the past. Some of the most prominent ones, Moses and Bernice, Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow, Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh.  Needless to say, paparazzi and reporters are always on their tails. Capturing and photographing their every move, their every single gesture. They visit each other, pop the next day it’s on the news. They meet for drinks, hola, their pictures are splashed all over the Entertainment Section. They really do not have any privacy. A price they have to pay for being a celebrity.

IMO Bosco and Myolie have handled their couple rumors pretty well.  They have been tailed in and out, questioned about the tiniest and most personal stuff to the most outrageous things and yet still manage to put up a confident (but playful) front that they’re just good friends and what not.  They even have amusing ways to circumvent other rumors from spreading. LOL eg. Bosco was  asked about Myolie’s reaction towards his rumors with several co-stars (Fala Chen and Natalie Tong a few years back. His reaction, “If you guys wanna spread couple rumors, please just stick to one person. One person is enough.” Get the point? hehehe..

Perhaps working together constantly for a cause really helps a big deal in keeping the heat in their relationship.  TVB has been milking them for non-stop ever since WOIL scored huge. Couple shows in different functions in particular have raked in huge $$$ for both actors. The reason they’re always so welcomed? Easy. Boscolie always try to have fun when together AND people just love it when they go on a bout of their playful antics.

Some proof of their not so secret relationship….

*Bosco and Myolie spotted shopping together last week*

*Bosco and Myolie enjoying the snow whilstfilming a China series in Dec 2010*

*Bosco and Myolie traveling together in Okinawa, Japan in 2009*

I sincerely wish that Boscolie would be able to last long… long enough until they’re able to reveal themselves to the public. Long enough until I get hitched? hehehe.. No doubt they’d still continue to deny their relationship. No doubt that there’d still be rumors of Bosco cheating, Myolie being too controlling etc which would add spice to the whole the  discussion.

But no harm having a positive outlook right? 7 years and all I see now? They’re happy. =)

And when I see that they’re happy, I feel  HAPPIER! ^____^


One thought on “Why so publicly secretive?”

  1. Aw, Boscolie! *fond tear*
    So they’re not-together-but-really-together? They both seem like such dorks that it’s easy to see why they get along. Hopefully, their relationship will last.

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