5 thoughts on “Perfection that is of HA JI WON <3”

  1. ❤ her as an actress n model! This interview she was asked if she was jealous of Tang Wei, she said No. Strange question eh?

  2. why she was ask if she’s jealous? is there really something going on with her and hyun bin because that question is only for couples?

  3. She was asked this question probably her chemistry with HB in-out of SG were great. This’s not the first time she’s asked for this strage question, another one was on-set call interview, she was asked that she & HB looked like the real lover, so if she’s not afraid that his ex-girl’s fans (at that time still not brok up yet) wouldn’t upset. She said that there’s nothing to be worried about, it’s just the acting so it’d be good if they could act real on-set to make the viewer belief.

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