Lee Da Hae dorks it out at My Black Mini Dress Premier

Girl is out! Seen at the celebrity studded VIP premier of Yoon Eun Hye‘s new movie, My Black Mini Dress today.

Since I’m Lee Da Hae‘s NO. 1 fan, which I profess shamelessly, this post will only be about her and her only. Sorry Ha Ji Won, Son Ye Jin, The Voice..etc tho I still love ya guys!

I knew all those negative stuff won’t bother her for long. She’s a tough cookie. Glad she’s out about in a cheery mood smiling. And sporting a somewhat intelligent dorky style?! The specs are LOL. The checkers look old (it might be some popular brand mind my ignorance). And the red colored necklace plus the black nails? What a weird combination.

But oh wellz, I love that she’s doing something else other than black nowadays. And her bag and shoes are to die for.

Dork it out girl!

Aww… I like it when she does that. Reminds me of her youthful MG days. BBASYA!~

That aside, I’m so anticipating her new drama announcement. Word has it that she’d dropped “Gabi” (the 3D movie with Joo Jin Mo) for the fear that the filming delay would affect the filming schedule of her new drama (?) (which she has YET to reveal atm). There have been rumors floating around that she’d been cast (but not announced) in the upcoming MBC drama Goodby Miss Ripley along side Micky Yoo Chun, Kim Seung Woo and Kang Hye Jung. But that’s about it that I know. No concrete plot or synopsis. No word of who’s gonna pen it. No confirmation of the PD. And worst, I don’t even know whether the rumors are true.

Arrhhhhh.. please let the cat out of the bag quick!~ PALI! I can’t wait!

And please let Micky be on board this with our girl. I know it’s really odd and strange for me to ship them together. But I went from HUH?! to anticipating their collaboration (mostly due to the fact that Da Hae has never paired up with a younger co-star in any of her dramas in the past and I want to see her tackle something new). Do not let me down!!!


One thought on “Lee Da Hae dorks it out at My Black Mini Dress Premier”

  1. huh, she looked so nice with flawless skin. Nice to see those smile again. miss her.
    I don’t care about the negative news about her, actually I tried to find what it is, I read all articles about her, but still confuse why people love to harm her, maybe they just want to share her popularity.

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