Thank you Drama Gods!

for giving me this news!

Lee Da Hae and Micky Yoo Chun have been confirmed as the leads for MBC’s upcoming drama titled Goodbye Miss Ripley. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!! After weeks of speculations and here-and-there rumors (especially those surrounding Micky), we finally have a full get-go cast!

Thank you sooooo much drama gods! My earlier post worked! YAY!

This isn’t confirmed yet (?)  but news has it that the drama shall revolve around a girl who had to endure separation with her family at a tender age and who went on to suffer even more worse fate in her adopted family? Da Hae will play the titular female lead Miss Ripley.

I’m not dissing but doesn’t that spell CLICHE?? And MELODRAMATIC??

BUT wadaheck, I don’t care. And I really shouldn’t. Cos: No.1 – Da Hae’s coming back to drama. No. 2 – she’s being paired up with someone young and HOT (oh, and also REALLY popular for once). No. 3 – she’s obviously better when doing melo or angsty anyway.

Kim Seung Woo (IRIS, Hotelier) and Kang Hye Jung (Old Boy, Flowers For My Life) round out the remaining cast for the drama. Oopss, I didn’t mean to ignore them. I just get carried away when it comes to My Girl! I think they’re  solid actors to begin with, and maybe even better than Da Hae and obviously so compared to Micky. It’s definitely a good opportunity for the young ones to learn from these veterans (well maybe Kang Hye Jung‘s not so old hehehe..). To be really honest tho, my mind still doesn’t click or compute when I imagine all of them together in a scene. It’s all so weird. But hey, surprise me!

So far no confirmation of the writer or the PD yet. I truly deeply sincerely earnestly hope they get a good one on board. These 4 actors getting together in a drama is already odd (super odd in fact) to begin with. The last thing we need is a crappy writer or a incompetent PD to make things worst. *Drama gods, please grant me this one last wish. PLEASE!!!!*

The production company Curtain Call has announced that they will reveal more information about the drama in the near future and filming is scheduled to commence end of this March. Da Hae has also tweeted photos of her going thru the script a while ago. Drama should be a GO this time.

Goodbye Miss Ripley is scheduled to air this May, taking over The Duo when it ends.



And oh, today is definitely a good day. No doubt. The heavens gave me Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin! For Discovery of Love. I nearly couldn’t breathe. I nearly died. I could totally forgive the Hong Sisters for letting Seung Gi go, or perhaps the other way, totally thank Seung Gi for his letting go of the role which was allegedly written to fit him earlier on. All that paved way to the birth of what could be an ELECTRIFYING COUPLE (if their chemistry flies). I could not care less about what the story might be now that the characters/story have been re-written or whether it’s really been plagiarized or what not, the OTP already made my day. And if the story sux, the acting will make up for that. Guaranteed.

Thank you drama gods, once again!


5 thoughts on “Thank you Drama Gods!”

  1. Awesome, awesome news! I cannot wait! 😀 is her get-up in MBMD premiere gonna be her ripley’s get-up too? coz I really like it!

  2. Just read from DB. The story has all the potential of being amazing. I AM SOOOOO EXCITED. I hope she gets all manipulative in pulling off the biggest hoax (or something like it) that enveloped Korea circa 2007.

    I really hope for a competent writer-director combo. Also, this role sounds like the kind of role that you and imogene have been dreaming about for her to play. According to GF’s write uo it seems like she’s gonna play an All About Eve character. YAY! It’s gonna be DH-centric and she’s gonna be a manipulative little winx! SCORE!

    Also, an ahjusshi affair with KSW? SIGN.ME.UP.NOW. Micky is all adorbs and I really they’d have enough chemistry to pull off their part of the love story.

    P.S. Why are you guys never on soompi anymore? I kinda miss y’all

    P.P.S you changed your privacy in twitter! haha! Can’t log in because my mini brain managed to forget my password. stupid moi. will probably create a new account after I finish my finals just so I can gush and squee with you guys. HAHA!

  3. Kyaaaa~~ kay and hagrid chinggu! =D

    Yup, I just read the so called plot in DB! And it sounds really exciting and intriguing. Manipulative? Cunning? Pretentious? Affair with KSW and romance with Micky, how is THAT?! That’s so wicked! I love it! Definitely not the typical pathetic sad or damsel in distress role that our girl’s been stereotyped to playing all this while.

    Read more of DB and it seems like not many are interested in the pairing or even the drama. And discussions were quite heated too.. again, I can only applaud our girl for she has the power to invoke “war” haha..

    Nope I seldom post on Soompi nowadays. Twitter has become my close friend instead hehehe.. please let me know when you’ve created an account! Join the spazz-dom!

    1. yup I sure will.

      It’s not like we can expect anything more from commenters in DB. haha! sometimes they can be even more juvenile than people in soompi. Like, I really don’t understand how it’s okay for other actors to drop out of their projects when filming gets delayed, but it’s not okay for LDH to do that? it’s bizarre those people’s logic.

      1. Yet really, their blog their words. Can’t do anything about it.

        But I do have a feeling that all the controversy (not totally DH’s fault)has marred the public’s perception of her. Anything she does will be scrutinized anyway. So it’s better not to read nor bother.. or be even ticked off by all that.

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