Jo In Sung! KYAAAAA!~~

Pretty boy Jo In Sung is finally going to be discharged from military service! In a month! *SQUEEEEEEEEES like no other!* Doesn’t he just look so damn FOOOINNNNNNEEE in the picture above?!! If looks could kill, I’d have been dead by now.

I still remember my first encounter with pretty boy vividly. In this very old and classic melodrama “Piano” starring Go Su and Kim Ha Neul? He played Kim Ha Neul‘s younger brother who had a severe attitude problem. Gosh, he was pure love for me back then <333. Was really young but showed really good potential then (speaking of which, I really need to get around to watching What Happened in Bali, in which he allegedly gave a breakout performance?). He also blew me away with his gritty performance in Dirty Carnival. Dude does have some acting chops.

So so, now that he’s finally coming back from the army, everyone wants a bite of him! (Who doesn’t? ME ME ME!) Apparently, he’s already been confirmed to star in a new sci-fi fantasy film “Power” (literal title) to be directed by Park Kwang Hyun (Welcome to Dongmakol). YAAAAAAAY # 1. Haven’t seen Welcome to Dongmakol… but from what I’ve heard, the movie’s definitely in the tops. A must see according to many. YAAAAAAAY #2.

The film is said to be set in the future and revolves around a high school boy called Power (really? Jo In Sung? But wth, I dun give a damn, he looks fine in just about anything he wears. And his name just makes me LOL) who’s able to generate a type of superpower whenever he encounters injustice. He falls in love with a girl who’s having some problems with her life and lends a helping hand via his super ability.  Interesting. Now I want to know who’s the girl!

This is just icing on top of the cake! The month of May couldn’t be more perfect. I have Goodbye Miss Ripley (LDH’s drama!) to look forward to. Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin are pairing up for a drama (a Hong Sisters‘ drama that is!) slated to pit against Ripley. Kang Ji Hwan is rumored to come back in Sweet Scandal with Yoon Eun Hye in the same month (if successful). And Jo In Sung‘s discharge? I must have been a good girl these few months eh? hehehe…

And to top it (the cake) off (with more icing), pretty boy has also been reported to be choosing a script for his drama comeback. YAAAAAAAAY #3. And Lee Kyung Hee (MISA, Thank You)’s long put-on-hold “Four Seasons” is one of them! YAAAAAAAY #4. I cannot stress how much I love love love Lee Kyung Hee‘s works. MISA is my No.1 K-drama and Thank You is also amongst the top 10. Altho her last Will It Snow For Christmas was less than desirable for my taste, I cannot just get pass JIS + Lee Kyung Hee and not feel a tinge of excitement!!! This is OH SO GONNA BE GREAT!

Apparently he’s also contemplating on a script adapted from a famous Japanese cop manga called “Thunder” (sorry I don’t know the exact/accurate manga title)? I think it revolves around cops and justice or something…

But either way, I’m so damn excited!

May, please come faster!


One thought on “Jo In Sung! KYAAAAA!~~”

  1. yes, his performance in ‘What Happened in Bali’ was really good. In fact, the whole cast were great….. i truly recommend it ^_^

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