The Ripley Sisters in Action…

at the VIP screening of Goodbye Miss Ripley co-star Kim Seung Woo‘s new movie “I am a Daddy“. Awwww… how CUTE of them!

It looks like Da Hae has bonded well with her on-screen sister in Ripley played by the ever charismatic and glowing mommy Kang Hye Jung. She has even taught Kang momma her signature Yoo Rin gesture, BBASYA!

If anything, I’m just happy that Da Hae is getting along well with her co-stars and is all smiles. She needs all the fun and goof she can get. =D If Micky was there, it’d have been a perfect!

More pics from the screening:

I think Da Hae has lost weight again!?! Her face obviously shows as she looked chubbier in her last event appearance. I hope the filming of Ripley doesn’t wear her down too much. If anything, her man Micky is an even busier guy. (He IS the one who needs to rest I think).

But on other stuff, I love her whole chic get-up (if only she wasn’t this skinny) and BAG!!! Arrhhh.. girl is damn rich huh?

Mommy Kang on other hand, COOL!


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