That’s Ha Jung Woo’s dad?

Okay, this is such a random post. But it’s just an excuse for me to rant about the Ha Jung Woo <3. I just finished Hwang Hae (movie with Kim Yeon Seok and produced by The Chaser crew) last night, and Ha Jung Woo just rocked the movie like nothing. I won’t say it’s a brilliant movie or anything, but can I just say that Ha Jung Woo was phenomenal in it? He didn’t have much to say in the movie, but dayum, his charisma was just all over. The intensity in his acting, soooooo… chilling and calm that it’s scary. So gritty and riveting that it made me goosebumps rise. Aiks. Can’t emphasize more on how great an actor he is. You have to see this man act.

But this post is not solely about Ha Jung Woo. It’s also about his father.

Why? Because I just discovered that his dad’s a familiar face in Korean drama. A face so familiar that I’d never have guessed!

Kim Yong Gun, Ha Jung Woo’s dad? I can only say celebrity families are amusing. lol

Now I know where Ha Jung Woo got his acting chops from. Except he’s way BETTER.

To end post, gimmemoresexyHAJUNGWOO <33333 ahhhh… I’m doomed.


2 thoughts on “That’s Ha Jung Woo’s dad?”

  1. muahahah! yes, i was shocked to realise that Ha-MR SEXY-Jung Woo’s dad is that familiar ahjusshi who’s a “dad” in many k-dramas. But nowhere i could whine about it… until i read ur post. LOL.

    *continues to stare dreamily at HJW’s pix* @_^

    1. Yeah, I was quite surprised too. And it’s funny how his dad always plays the father in rich conglomerate families while HJW almost always plays scum-of-the-earth characters. lol

      Yup, HJW is very YUM. ❤

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