I’m tearing up as I type. Tears streaming down my face as I search for words to describe my feelings right now. I just don’t know what to say.

I just finished watching Shaolin by Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse.  And believe me, I cried and bawled my eye-glands out.  My heart ached in pain. Who thought a simple movie about enlightenment and realization of one’s yearning for peace and happiness could touch and move my heart this much?

The movie boasted nothing extravagant or glossy. Story was not spectacular, direction not stellar. But you know what? The morale of the movie was  just brilliant. Nothing new. But the way it was conveyed – nothing short of awesome. It spread out like ripples of the water without me knowing. It diffused into thoughts and shone like the bright light of the sun. It was a great feeling.

Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse were awesome in this movie. AWESOME. They’ve probably acted in better movies, movies that garnered them awards and such (eg. Nicholas Tse won Best Actor for his performance in Stool Pigeon lately, which I didn’t think was that great). They’ve probably got other higher grossing movies under their belts. But IMO, they just hit the right spot with Shaolin. They nailed everything from tip to toe in here. Watch it and you’ll see.

Andy Lau also sang the main OST of the movie, which made me tear up like even crazier when I first listened to it. A very meaningful and soothing song made better and more beautiful by Andy Lau’s singing (I do not think he’s a great singer or anything, but yeah…). You can’t imagine how many times I have repeatedly listened to this song.

Have a look at the MV yourself, the title of the song – “Enlightenment“:


If you’re interested in the lyrics, please look HERE. Credit to the blogger, he/she translated every bit of the lyrics perfectly.

You really get a smack of reality just by reading it.



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