Drunken to Love You! I am DOOMED.

I am freaking obsessed with this show. FREAKING OBSESSED you won’t believe it!

First, I am not a great fan of TW dramas in general. Heck, I’m not even a fan. Second, I didn’t like Fated To Love You one bit altho I heart Qiao En. Third, they’re doing a spin-off on that drama? BLUEK! Super uber BLUEK.

But I guess the reverse psychology did work. I expected nothing from Drunken To Love You (neither did I fancy the leads) but ended up having so much fun and laughs from it. I ended up getting obsessed with it that I didn’t even manage to get a good sleep the entire night. And the best thing haha – I have come to admit that I am actually addicted to a TW drama for once for good. I thought Sunny Happiness would do it for me,  a drama which was recommended so badly by my other peers, that it was such a lovely and heartwarming drama which had a brilliant outlook on the contract  marriage concept…etc. But I guess my somewhat higher than average expectations kind of made me enjoy the drama less. I wasn’t hooked.

So yeah, Drunken To Love You hit the right spot for me. It’s funny, cute, crazy and OTT. But it’s all done right with the perfect balance of solid acting and palpable chemistry between the leads. The premise is one of the most rehashed and reused concepts in dramas in general and yet the drama managed to elevate that into something more meaningful and poignant.  It doesn’t dwell on the humor or OTT point for too long, and before you know it, you’ll be hit hard by dialogues so subtle and meaningful within the bickering and banters, NO JOKE. It’s like HAHAHHAHHA, then WOW. That’s new.  Read my dear friend ockoala‘s recaps of the first 2 episodes HERE. You’ll see.

Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang have amazing chemistry together. The level of comfort and ease that they have with each other is very apparent. Even Rainie admittedly said so in an interview, that she and Joseph shared something really different and unique in comparison to her previous co-stars (the most known Mike He). Their interactions are very natural. Very comfortable and very real.  Remember Lee Seon Gyeon and Gong Hyo Jin in Pasta? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. The same kind and level of chemistry. And I am 100% sure nobody didn’t love the Pasta couple.

So, obsessed me did something that I haven’t done in ages – search for BTS/vids/interviews of the drama (The last I did was for Prince Turn Into Frog and that was like 6 years ago yeah…) and ended up with this!

Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang’s “friendship” elevated by movie dates?


It’s basically an interview of Rainie Yang with the reporter repeatedly asking her about her “friendship” with Joseph Chang and the possibilities of them becoming a real-life couple. I could see that Rainie was hesitant and a bit turned off by the questions, but I love how she was able to maintain her calm and poise thru out. And hey? Since I love the OTP, the inner me doesn’t mind if it’s true! HAHA~~

I translated the parts from the interview, starting from 00:39 focusing on their so called ‘friendship” 😀

[Narrator: N || Rainie: R || Host: H]

N: Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang are the leading couple in the drama, and apparently their off-set relationship isn’t too bad either.

H: I heard from the filming crew that you guys would meet up and go for movie dates together.

R: (Interrupts H) Yeah.

H: He’d even pick you up when he’s free.

R: We will alternate between…right, if I’m driving…

H: You’ll pick him up?

R: Yeah.

H: But then, won’t you guys hit it off ?

R: (Stops short) Well…

H: Or you guys are already well ahead?

R: No! Haha..

R: Really..no…(looks at her manager for HELP! :P)

N: Both Rainie and Joseph had collaborated in Legend of Speed 7 years ago but weren’t close at all back then. Who knew both of them would end up being good friends this time around? Was it because Rainie took the first step and initiated it?

R: After trying for 3-4 days, he finally opened himself up a bit and talked to me more.

R: Phew, I think the drama will do fine.

R: Because he didn’t even speak a word on our first day together. I said,” Hi!” and he just nodded in acknowledgment. And I kind of shivered, “Wowow, he’s just as cold as ever.”

R: He then said that he’d never imagine that we’d be so close. And I told him I was the one cos I deleted his number back then. And he said,” Huh? I deleted your number too!” (LOL)

R: Really, we’re very close. We can talk about anything to everything.

N: Why does this sound like an idol drama plot? 2 people who don’t see eye to eye with each other finally meet up years later. The next stage would most probably be the “so in love” stage huh?

H: If in future, both of you end up have feelings for each other and do not resent each other..

R: (Laughs not knowing what to say)…

H: Why that smile?

R: No…(looks at her manager again)

H: It doesn’t seem like they’re disallowing this question.

Manager: He already has a girlfriend. (Rainie nods heads).

R: I won’t say anything’s dead fixed (i.e. nothing’s impossible, in other words).

H: If he has a  girlfriend, you’d become the third party.

R: I won’t be a third party.

H: Oh, so you’ll ask him to break up with his girlfriend first then?

R: No!!! (HAHAHA, laughters.)

H: Okay, we won’t push you further.

N: What will happen to both of them in future, you’ll find out soon!


Awww, so cute! I haven’t shipped a TW drama couple in a very very very long time (ever since MingEn). And I don’t think I’m like dead obsessed or sure that Joseph and Rainie are together blah blah.. but I love their chemistry and naturalness together in DTLY, and that’s what counts. 😀


6 thoughts on “Drunken to Love You! I am DOOMED.”

  1. Well said, ripgal! I still think Sunny Happiness is my favorite Taiwanese drama of the year, but who knows, maybe DTLY may come in close. I’m not in love with this show, but it had a solid premiere. Rainie and Joseph are perfect for this show, so I’ll definitely keep watching. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😀

  2. Hei DODO! 😀

    Each to his/her own, I’m just happy that you’re enjoying it so far 😀 It’s been so so so long since I’ve actually enjoyed a TW drama, so I’m just going to savor every single moment that I’ve getting out of DTLY! And oh yes, you’re gonna get a bunch loads about DTLY from me.. I cannot be stopped when my addiction reaches the max. XD

  3. same here.. i usually dont watch taiwan dramas.. but rainie’s shows have quality man. The last i watched was Hai Pai Tien Xin.. But i think drunken to love you is so much nicer!I’m starting to like Joseph Chang now

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