Ripley meets Yutaka


We finally get to see some official stills of Ripley for once.  We’ve been showered with so many May goodies lately (eg. countless Best Love and Lie To Me stills and teasers)  that Ripley’s almost getting buried under the stack. With everyone heaping and mounting anticipation over the former 2, I’m kind of glad that Ripley’s playing a bit low-key. Compared to Best Love which has a strong and solid main couple, and Lie To Me which has 2 of the most popular and charming stars on board, Ripley appears to be relatively weak.  Doesn’t help when it stars popular Micky Yoo Chun against the not so likeable Lee Da Hae (general consensus? but so not me tho)

But oh wellz you know me, whatever Lee Da Hae does, she has my full 100% support! And I so hope that this will be the underdog drama which will come up and shock people out of their minds.

credits: naver

LDH and Micky filmed their first meeting scene on the 22nd April 2011 and were described to have clicked on the get go. LDH, wearing a cap and dressed in a dark leather jacket, contrasted Micky’s light colored get-up and whereby both gave a very convincing performance in their so called ‘fated meeting”. Everyone was surprised that they were able to deliver their scenes so well given that they’d only filmed together several times. Micky was also seen in frequent and deep discussions with PD Choi Yi Sub regarding his character and is said to be very enthusiastic and passionate about his work.

Ripley is set to premier on 30th May 2011, taking over The Duo.


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