Lee Da Hae’s Film Debut “Lemon Fate”

Lee Da Hae has finally scored her first film debut. Having gone through 2 previous failures in getting it done in Korea (i.e. Songs of Spring and Gabi), she has finally confirmed her participation in a Chinese production called “Lemon Fate“. Although I am quite bitter about the fact that she’d forsaken her chance to debut in her own country, I’m still glad that her intention to break into film is  strong as ever. It doesn’t matter to me now whether the production’s Koraen or Chinese or whatever, at least our girl is getting that chance to grace the big screen. I’m a happy fan. I just hope that everything can go on and progress smoothly. Please, no more filming delays or financial  problems! *prays to the movie gods above*

Pics released by producer Wang Kai Qin of the crew’s meeting with our girl:

credits: weibo / LDH Baidu Bar

Lemon Fate, premised as a  modern-day rom-com, will tell of a modern day Korean princess Kim Eun Won (played by LDH) who goes to China to find her roots and  ends up forging a friendship/romance with a Chinese  man. Most of it will take place in a lemon tree garden in Sichuan, China (hence the film title). China actress Yan Ni will play second lead while the male lead has yet to be confirmed (there were rumors circulating that Chen Kun will be playing lead but I’d take that as a grain of salt).

Honestly speaking, the romance plot does not intrigue me that much. But I’m very interested in the Korean-princess-going-to-Chin-to- seek- roots part. If the director and writer can do it right and not ruin the whole Korean- Chinese cultural diffusion element of the film, I’d be thrilled.  The last Chinese-Korean collab I’ve seen was Zhang Ziyi‘s Sophie’s Revenge with So Ji Sub and it was horrible! They did nothing with So Ji Sub in it and  made him look like an idiot. Not that the others were meh or anything, but I just resented the fact that they’d used his name to promote the film and he ended up just being a dummy in it! And the story just didn’t make any sense. They better not make Lee Da Hae a puppet in here or else I’d….

Oh wellz,  I just pray and hope that our girl gets to showcase some good stuff in this film, for example her Chinese? Put it to good use girl, and blow those people away! YEEHA!

I am not sure when will filming of Lemon Fate commence as LDH is currently filming her drama Ripley in Korea. The producer mentioned that they will be having a filming ritual/commencement ritual on the 6th May 2011 but I am not sure our girl can actually make it? And they still do not have the  main lead?

But I’m OK as long as I get to see our girl more often! YAY!


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