TVB Lives of Omission 潛行狙擊 Promo Stills and Trailer

Remember Laughing Gor from the 3rd installment of “The Academy”?  The man who charmed thousands and millions of hearts with his brash and going-all-out attitude as the undercover cop? The character which elevated Michael Tse to one of the most sought-after-actor status today? Heck,  he even has a personal Facebook group. And his own movie. Yeah, and he was only a supporting character to begin with.

I didn’t finish The Acadamey III, and never really got to witness the overwhelming greatness of Laughing Gor. But I’d heard enough to know that he’s one of the most memorable supporting characters ever to grace the small screens in 2008/2009.  If this character was capable of stealing scenes away from the charismatic Michael Miu and the original leading actor for 3 consecutive installments (Ron Ng), you know this character’s not one to be messed with.

TVB is known to be a milking machine. So you know they won’t let Laughing Gor disappear just like that. Strike the iron while it’s hot, that’s what they always do. Laughing Gor now has his own series “Lives of Omission 潛行狙擊” (okay, I HATE the title…it sounds so stupid). And apparently, he didn’t die. (WTF?!!)

Some really HQ (and amazing) stills of the 2 main leads – Michael Tse and Bosco Wong:

Promo Trailer:

What a KICK-ASS trailer!

And I really love the still shots, especially Bosco’s.

It looks like Bosco will be taking on a darker character (informant) in here whilst Michael will be his superior? It kinda defeats the whole point of him being Laughing Gor in a way, since people loved him because he was abrasive, loud and bold in The Academy. He needs to yell and kick ppl’s ass, not just stand there and command. The steam and intrigue is kinda lost if he just resumes being a normal cop…

Bosco on the other hand, is rawking the whole bad-ish and I-don’t-give-a-damn vibe really well. The scene when Laughing Gor splashed the water on his face, that look that he gave… wow, eerie. I think it’s time Bosco showed peepz he could play dark too. Who knows he’ll become the 2nd Laughing Gor this time around?

Not sure if I’m gonna watch this when it comes out. After all, I’ve been avoiding TVB series ever since the quality declined in recent years. Give me some good stuff like No Regrets, then I might give it a try. Might.

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2 thoughts on “TVB Lives of Omission 潛行狙擊 Promo Stills and Trailer”

    1. Thanks ^^ I’ve already seen 5 episodes and loved what I saw. Laughing is still Laughing lol cocky but overflows with charisma. But it’s Bosco’s character which intrigues me the most right now. He’s like a burning match waiting to grow into a fire. Fascinating and dangerous at the same time. He’s got a great role in hand, hopefully he will make the best out of it.

      Heartstrings is pretty good. I don’t love it but I enjoy watching it. The OTP has immense chemistry together.

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