A lil bit of everything…

1. Fast and Furious 6, I can’t wait!

  • So I saw Fast 5 in the theaters over the weekend, and enjoyed it a whole lot. Vin Diesel I wub you!!!! Such a SEXYHOT man <33
  • Storyline didn’t leave much to be desired tho. Half the time I was going like WTF WTH on the ridiculousness of the plot. But hey, if you’ve got hot men, hot women, hot cars and hot music.. and oh plus a bunch of peepz who look like idiots but are in fact experts in one thing or another, you know you don’t wanna miss this.
  • Action sequences and stunts were pretty mesmerizing. Things that can only happen in movies. The peepz just don’t die! Heck, they dun even get hurt. What do you expect huh?
  • And again, it’s all about Vin Diesel. Vin Diesel. Man really doesn’t need to say a word…cos his muscles and veins and stares will tell you what he’s thinking. I’m satisfied and I’m in love. Word.
  • Oh, the rest of the cast, the insipid and dull were and will always be insipid and dull (Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster). The funny made me laugh. The girls, oh wellz, they’re there to serve a purpose and they did a decent job.
  • I have a feeling that the Fast and Furious series will be the entire cast’s only mega-hit in their respective careers. I don’t know, I just have the hunch that they may not go anywhere (look at Paul and Jordana after the 1st and 2nd Fast) but will probably continue hitting box-office sales with this series (wherever it may go or end). Sad case, but hey, at least you’ve been a one hit wonder.
  • Ending of Fast 5 left me hanging there arh. But you know it’s gonna make me want MORE. Fast 6, you know you have to come earlier. Next year I say PLEASE!

2. Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang – my Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru ❤

  • You saw this coming didn’t you? Didn’t you?
  • When 2 goofs come together = GOOFBALLS!
  • The DTLY OTP pawns pawns pawns.. I’m pretty sure they’ll top Ming En (my fav fav TW idol drama OTP) soon if they continue to be this CUTE on and off the camera. ❤
  • It’s kinda funny (but nice) seeing Joseph being so open and carefree during the filming of Drunken To Love You. He’s quite an introverted and shy person in front of the cam (you will notice from his interviews) but when the switch is off, he becomes so lively and crazy.  But anyway anyhow, I love it when celebs prove me wrong. I’m in love. In love in love in love <333

3. My Korean drama feast!

  • It’s history in the making right now. At least in my history book.  I’m actually watching 6 Korean dramas at the same time now, something which I have never done before or tried to do before in my 13 years of K-drama watching.  And oh, there’s Lie To Me, Romance Town and Ripley coming up again. Thanks to the Internet, my normal life has indeed taken for the worst. No more cure.
  • Dramas that I’m watching: –
    • 49 days – getting more and more awesome each week. Kang is my ideal man, Scheduler makes me laugh (and cry now) and Min Ho grates on my nerves (nicely I must say, love his angst!). Ji Kyung (Ji Hyun-Yi Kyung) is the most unfortunate person in the drama but Lee Yo Won takes the cake for being the luckiest to have 3 men vying for her love in here. A jjang drama.
    • Best Love – the Hong Sisters rawk! They always do. =D 2 episodes in and we already have a winning character – Dokko Jin (played by the brilliant comic king Cha Seung Won). He can do his AHHs and UHHHHS to me and I’ll still love him as ever. And oooohh, the pelvic thrust! DELICIOUS!
    • Manny – full of cute and fun. If I had a manny who looked like Seo Ji Seok, who knows what’d happen to my family.  I’d be worried about mom. Aiks.
    • Baby-Faced Beauty – the comeback of Jang Nara! 2 episodes and I am already rooting for her character So Young to come up. Typical K-drama set-up but with quite a potentially interesting storyline (I mean the lying part). Cannot wait until Daniel Choi’s character finds out about her and can’t wait until she falls for the secret chaebol (is he? I think he is!).
    • Midas – I’m really way way behind this. Hyuk you know how much I love you right? And you know I’d watching anything for you right? I’m on 5 of Midas and I still cannot connect. Must be the genre which gives me question marks all over. Or the lack of chemistry with your leading lady Lee Min Jung? Oh I dunno, but I’ll still try to finish it for you. Just for you Hyukie.
    • New Tales of Gisaeng – watching this only when I feel bored. Only seen 5 eps and nothing relevant has happened yet.  Not sure if I’ll ever get to finish this since it’s 50 episodes, but so far so good. I don’t fancy any of the characters so far but they all have their own unique traits. Especially Saran and Damo, 2 pretty people with really interesting personalities. And oh, I like the dog Andre too. Best non-speaking creature ever to appear in Korean drama and to ever be pitted against the best looking man in the drama. Damo and Andre? Of course Damo. Heh.
  • Dramas to watch:
    • Ripley – Given? Lee Da Hae’s in it, I’m in it.
    • Lie To Me – Kang Ji Hwan? I’m sold.
    • Romance Town – Not too intrigued. But then I liked Jung Kyeo Won in most of the stuff I’ve seen of his, and Kim Min Joon’s coming back after his winning performance in Friend, Our Legend, I’d be watching for them, if not for them.

4. Thoughts on concluded stuff

  • President – one of the better dramas this year. With solid writing and acting, you get to see the bigger picture of how politics is played in the hands of different people, righteous, tactical and cunning. Wasn’t too convinced on how certain things turned out in the end, but again, you know something’s good when you see it and so far nothing has WOWED me this year. Not yet.
  • Royal Family – second best to President I’ve seen this year. Not a conventional revenge drama. There were makjang elements (especially  secrets and twists) here and there, and the storyline in the second half kind of took a backseat to illuminate Yeom Jung Ah’s performance (so as Kim Young Ae’s). Overall, a well-made drama with a mind-provoking theme.
  • Gloria – this took me ages to finish. In fact I should have finished this 2 months ago but life had other plans for me back then I  had to put this in the back burner. Resumed watching it 2 weeks ago from the 35-ep mark onwards and totally could not withstand  the dragginess. I loved and adored Kang Seok and Jin Jin no question about it, but the storyline just dwindled a whole mile when they started to drag everything out. The revenge story, the sappiness… aiks, it was too much for me to handle. So I skipped to the ending and hola, I didn’t miss anything important.

5. Thoughts on current K-movies I’ve seen

  • Hello Ghost – aw, such an endearing and heartwarming film. Korean film-makers are really geniuses. GENIUSES. They always manage to churn out films out of different concepts and make them appear so real and convincing.  This film was quirky fun and lighthearted but hit me tear glands hard at the very end.  Didn’t see it coming even tho I was spoiled prior to watching. It’s not as good as Speed Scandal, but definitely near the mark.
  • Psychic/Haunters – BIG MEH. Anticipated this film the most out of everything but it turned out to be one great disappointment. It had my favourite favourite Kang Dong Won. It had Go Su. One would expect it to blow ppl’s mind away but it failed miserably for me. The film had great premise but I didn’t like how it didn’t utilise the concept of confrontations between 2 similar characters effectively and fully to portray the dynamics between the 2 mutants (KDW and GS). If anything, that failed me and I’m sad to say, KDW has finally (haha) failed me (I watched all of his films and LOVED all of them.. but not this for sure).
  • Hwanghae – 3 words, HA JUNG WOO.

Phew, finally. I summed everything up in a post! That’s a new record for me, for I’d intended to do a separate and single post for every single one of them earlier. The drafts are still saved up and all, so I guess I can click DELETE PERMANENTLY for good. YIPEE~~~~


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